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  1. Association of social deprivation with 1-year outcome of ICU survivors: results from the FROG-ICU study

    Kathleen Bastian, Alexa Hollinger, Alexandre Mebazaa, Elie Azoulay, Elodie Féliot, Karine Chevreul, Marie-Céline Fournier, Bertrand Guidet, Morgane Michel, Philippe Montravers, Sébastien Pili-Floury, Romain Sonneville, Martin Siegemund, Etienne Gayat
    Volume 44, Number 12 / December, 2018

  2. Socioeconomic status, severity of disease and level of family members’ care in adult surgical intensive care patients: the prospective ECSSTASI studyOpen access

    Thomas Bein, Kathrin Hackner, Tianya Zou, Sybille Schultes, Teresa Bösch, Hans Jürgen Schlitt, Bernhard M. Graf, Matthias Olden, Michael Leitzmann
    Volume 38, Number 4 / April, 2012

  3. Socioeconomic status features of ICU patients: the PRECAREA pilot study

    Morgan Benaïs, Daniel Da Silva, Luis Ferreira, Laurent Lainé, Mathilde Lermuzeaux, Nathalie Mémain, Gabriel Preda, Bruno Verdière, Guillaume Geri, Etienne de Montmollin
    Volume 44, Number 11 / November, 2018

  4. Sepsis-related mortality in China: a descriptive analysis

    Li Weng, Xin-ying Zeng, Peng Yin, Li-jun Wang, Chun-yao Wang, Wei Jiang, Mai-geng Zhou, Bin Du
    Volume 44, Number 7 / July, 2018

  5. Health-related quality of life following pediatric critical illness

    François Aspesberro, Rita Mangione-Smith, Jerry J. Zimmerman
    Volume 41, Number 7 / July, 2015

  6. Relationship between height and outcomes among critically ill adults: a cohort study

    Emily A. Vail, David A. Harrison, Hannah Wunsch
    Volume 44, Number 12 / December, 2018

  7. End of life in the intensive care unit: from practice to law.What do the lawmakers tell the caregivers?A new series in Intensive Care Medicine

    Jean-Michel Boles
    Volume 32, Number 7 / July, 2006

  8. Circulating phthalates during critical illness in children are associated with long-term attention deficit: a study of a development and a validation cohort

    S. Verstraete, I. Vanhorebeek, A. Covaci, F. Güiza, G. Malarvannan, P. G. Jorens, G. Van den Berghe
    Volume 42, Number 3 / March, 2016

  9. Psychiatric symptoms after acute respiratory distress syndrome: a 5-year longitudinal study

    O. Joseph Bienvenu, Lisa Aronson Friedman, Elizabeth Colantuoni, Victor D. Dinglas, Kristin A. Sepulveda, Pedro Mendez-Tellez, Carl Shanholz, Peter J. Pronovost, Dale M. Needham
    Volume 44, Number 1 / January, 2018

  10. Year in review in Intensive Care Medicine 2012. II: Pneumonia and infection, sepsis, coagulation, hemodynamics, cardiovascular and microcirculation, critical care organization, imaging, ethics and legal issuesOpen access

    Massimo Antonelli, Marc Bonten, Maurizio Cecconi, Jean Chastre, Giuseppe Citerio, Giorgio Conti, J. Randall Curtis, Goran Hedenstierna, Michael Joannidis, Duncan Macrae, Salvatore M. Maggiore, Jordi Mancebo, Alexandre Mebazaa, Jean-Charles Preiser, Patricia Rocco, Jean-François Timsit, Jan Wernerman, Haibo Zhang
    Volume 39, Number 3 / March, 2013
    Year in Review 2012

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