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  1. Elevated serum bleomycin-detectable iron concentrations in patients with sepsis syndrome

    H. F. Galley, N. R. Webster
    Volume 22, Number 3 / March, 1996

  2. The Italian SEPSIS study: Preliminary results on the incidence and evolution of SIRS, sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock

    I. Salvo, W. de Cian, M. Musicco, M. Langer, R. Piadena, A. Wolfler, C. Montani, E. Magni
    Volume 21, Number 2 / November, 1995

  3. Renal effects of low-dose dopamine in patients with sepsis syndrome or septic shock treated with catecholamines

    T. Lherm, G. Troché, M. Rossignol, P. Bordes, J. F. Zazzo
    Volume 22, Number 3 / March, 1996

  4. New therapeutic approaches in sepsis: A critical review

    L. A. Eidelman, R. Pizov, C. L. Sprung
    Volume 21, Number 2 / November, 1995

  5. Once is not enough: clinical trials in sepsisOpen access

    Daniel A. Sweeney, Robert L. Danner, Peter Q. Eichacker, Charles Natanson
    Volume 34, Number 11 / November, 2008

  6. Endotoxin-induced gene expression differences in the brain and effects of iNOS inhibition and norepinephrineOpen access

    Stephanie Wolff, Sabine Klatt, Jens C. Wolff, Jochen Wilhelm, Ludger Fink, Manfred Kaps, Bernhard Rosengarten
    Volume 35, Number 4 / April, 2009

  7. Effect of large volume replacement with balanced electrolyte solutions on extravascular lung water in surgical patients with sepsis syndrome

    E. Zadrobilek, W. Hackl, P. Sporn, K. Steinbereithner
    Volume 15, Number 8 / December, 1989

  8. Gene profiling in human blood leucocytes during recovery from septic shock

    Didier Payen, Anne-Claire Lukaszewicz, Ioulia Belikova, Valérie Faivre, Catherine Gelin, Stefan Russwurm, Jean-Marie Launay, Nicolas Sevenet
    Volume 34, Number 8 / August, 2008

  9. Fat emulsions containing medium chain triglycerides in patients with sepsis syndrome: Effects on pulmonary hemodynamics and gas exchange

    P. Radermacher, B. Santak, H. Strobach, K. Schrör, J. Tarnow
    Volume 18, Number 4 / April, 1992

  10. A multicenter, open-label, prospective, randomized, dose-ranging pharmacokinetic study of the anti-TNF-α antibody afelimomab in patients with sepsis syndrome

    James Gallagher, Charles Fisher, Bruce Sherman, Mark Munger, Bruce Meyers, Travis Ellison, Steven Fischkoff, William T. Barchuk, Leah Teoh, Raja Velagapudi
    Volume 27, Number 7 / July, 2001

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