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  1. Resistance of Candida spp. to antifungal drugs in the ICU: where are we now?

    Danièle Maubon, Cécile Garnaud, Thierry Calandra, Dominique Sanglard, Muriel Cornet
    Volume 40, Number 9 / September, 2014

  2. Influence of antipseudomonal agents on Pseudomonas aeruginosa colonization and acquisition of resistance in critically ill medical patients

    José A. Martínez, Esther Delgado, Sara Martí, Francesc Marco, Jordi Vila, Josep Mensa, Antoni Torres, Carles Codina, Antoni Trilla, Alex Soriano, Aitor Alquezar, Pedro Castro, José M. Nicolás
    Volume 35, Number 3 / March, 2009

  3. Surveillance of microbial resistance in European Intensive Care Units: a first report from the Care-ICU programme for improved infection control

    Håkan Hanberger, Dilek Arman, Hans Gill, Vlastimil Jindrák, Smilja Kalenic, Andrea Kurcz, Monica Licker, Paul Naaber, Elizabeth A. Scicluna, Václav Vanis, Sten M. Walther
    Volume 35, Number 1 / January, 2009

  4. What’s new on emerging resistant Candida species

    Andrea Cortegiani, Giovanni Misseri, Anuradha Chowdhary
    Online First
    What's New in Intensive Care

  5. Comparison of the effects of two humidifier systems on endotracheal tube resistance

    Indalecio Morán, Belén Cabello, Elizabeth Manero, Jordi Mancebo
    Volume 37, Number 11 / November, 2011

  6. Preventive and therapeutic strategies in critically ill patients with highly resistant bacteria

    Matteo Bassetti, Jan J. De Waele, Philippe Eggimann, Josè Garnacho-Montero, Gunnar Kahlmeter, Francesco Menichetti, David P. Nicolau, Jose Arturo Paiva, Mario Tumbarello, Tobias Welte, Mark Wilcox, Jean Ralph Zahar, Garyphallia Poulakou
    Volume 41, Number 5 / May, 2015

  7. Impact of restriction of third generation cephalosporins on the burden of third generation cephalosporin resistant K. pneumoniae and E. coli in an ICU

    Elisabeth Meyer, Matthias Lapatschek, Andreas Bechtold, Gerhard Schwarzkopf, Petra Gastmeier, Frank Schwab
    Volume 35, Number 5 / May, 2009

  8. Colistin resistance in gram-negative bacteria during prophylactic topical colistin use in intensive care units

    Evelien A. N. Oostdijk, Loek Smits, Anne Marie G. A. de Smet, Maurine A. Leverstein-van Hall, Jozef Kesecioglu, Marc J. M. Bonten
    Volume 39, Number 4 / April, 2013

  9. Effects of long-term routine use of selective digestive decontamination on antimicrobial resistance

    Alexandra Heininger, Elisabeth Meyer, Frank Schwab, Matthias Marschal, Klaus Unertl, Wolfgang A. Krueger
    Volume 32, Number 10 / October, 2006

  10. Understanding resistance

    François Barbier, Charles-Edouard Luyt
    Volume 42, Number 12 / December, 2016
    Understanding the Disease

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