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  1. Recommendations for mechanical ventilation of critically ill children from the Paediatric Mechanical Ventilation Consensus Conference (PEMVECC)Open access

    Martin C. J. Kneyber, Daniele de Luca, Edoardo Calderini, Pierre-Henri Jarreau, Etienne Javouhey, Jesus Lopez-Herce, Jürg Hammer, Duncan Macrae, Dick G. Markhorst, Alberto Medina, Marti Pons-Odena, Fabrizio Racca, Gerhard Wolf, Paolo Biban, Joe Brierley, Peter C. Rimensberger
    Volume 43, Number 12 / December, 2017
    Conference Reports and Expert Panel

  2. Health-related quality of life following pediatric critical illness

    François Aspesberro, Rita Mangione-Smith, Jerry J. Zimmerman
    Volume 41, Number 7 / July, 2015

  3. The intensive care medicine clinical research agenda in paediatrics

    Mark J. Peters, Andrew Argent, Marino Festa, Stéphane Leteurtre, Jefferson Piva, Ann Thompson, Douglas Willson, Pierre Tissières, Marisa Tucci, Jacques Lacroix
    Volume 43, Number 9 / September, 2017
    Research Agenda

  4. Pediatric cancer type predicts infection rate, need for critical care intervention, and mortality in the pediatric intensive care unit

    Matt S. Zinter, Steven G. DuBois, Aaron Spicer, Katherine Matthay, Anil Sapru
    Volume 40, Number 10 / October, 2014
    Pediatric Original

  5. Validation of pediatric index of mortality 2 (PIM2) in a single pediatric intensive care unit in Japan

    Toshihiro Imamura, Satoshi Nakagawa, Ran D. Goldman, Takeo Fujiwara
    Volume 38, Number 4 / April, 2012

  6. Incidence and associated factors of difficult tracheal intubations in pediatric ICUs: a report from National Emergency Airway Registry for Children: NEAR4KIDS

    Ana Lia Graciano, Robert Tamburro, Ann E. Thompson, John Fiadjoe, Vinay M. Nadkarni, Akira Nishisaki
    Volume 40, Number 11 / November, 2014
    Pediatric Original

  7. Invasive candidiasis in pediatric intensive care patients: epidemiology, risk factors, management, and outcome

    Joanna Filioti, Kleomenis Spiroglou, Emmanuel Roilides
    Volume 33, Number 7 / July, 2007
    Pediatric Review

  8. Pediatric continuous renal replacement: 20 years later

    Claudio Ronco, Zaccaria Ricci
    Volume 41, Number 6 / June, 2015
    My Paper 20 Years Later

  9. Prediction of pediatric sepsis mortality within 1 h of intensive care admission

    Luregn J. Schlapbach, Graeme MacLaren, Marino Festa, Janet Alexander, Simon Erickson, John Beca, Anthony Slater, Andreas Schibler, David Pilcher, Johnny Millar, Lahn Straney
    Volume 43, Number 8 / August, 2017
    Pediatric Original

  10. Mortality prediction models for pediatric intensive care: comparison of overall and subgroup specific performance

    Idse H. E. Visser, Jan A. Hazelzet, Marcel J. I. J. Albers, Carin W. M. Verlaat, Karin Hogenbirk, Job B. van Woensel, Marc van Heerde, Dick A. van Waardenburg, Nicolaas J. G. Jansen, Ewout W. Steyerberg
    Volume 39, Number 5 / May, 2013
    Pediatric Original

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