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  1. Determinants of self-reported unacceptable outcome of intensive care treatment 1 year after dischargeOpen access

    Monika C. Kerckhoffs, Felicia F. L. Kosasi, Ivo W. Soliman, Johannes J. M. van Delden, Olaf L. Cremer, Dylan W. de Lange, Arjen J. C. Slooter, Jozef Kesecioglu, Diederik van Dijk
    Online First

  2. Understanding intensive care unit benchmarking

    Jorge I. F. Salluh, Marcio Soares, Mark T. Keegan
    Volume 43, Number 11 / November, 2017
    Understanding the Disease

  3. A recovery program to improve quality of life, sense of coherence and psychological health in ICU survivors: a multicenter randomized controlled trial, the RAPIT study

    Janet F. Jensen, Ingrid Egerod, Morten H. Bestle, Doris F. Christensen, Ask Elklit, Randi L. Hansen, Heidi Knudsen, Louise B. Grode, Dorthe Overgaard
    Volume 42, Number 11 / November, 2016

  4. The impact of disability in survivors of critical illness

    Carol L. Hodgson, Andrew A. Udy, Michael Bailey, Jonathan Barrett, Rinaldo Bellomo, Tracey Bucknall, Belinda J. Gabbe, Alisa M. Higgins, Theodore J. Iwashyna, Julian Hunt-Smith, Lynne J. Murray, Paul S. Myles, Jennie Ponsford, David Pilcher, Craig Walker, Meredith Young, D. J. Cooper
    Volume 43, Number 7 / July, 2017

  5. Impact of follow-up consultations for ICU survivors on post-ICU syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis

    J. F. Jensen, T. Thomsen, D. Overgaard, M. H. Bestle, D. Christensen, I. Egerod
    Volume 41, Number 5 / May, 2015
    Systematic Review

  6. Comparison of two utility instruments, the EQ-5D and the 15D, in the critical care settingOpen access

    Tarja Vainiola, Ville Pettilä, Risto P. Roine, Pirjo Räsänen, Anne M. Rissanen, Harri Sintonen
    Volume 36, Number 12 / December, 2010

  7. Immunoglobulin G for patients with necrotising soft tissue infection (INSTINCT): a randomised, blinded, placebo-controlled trial

    Martin B. Madsen, Peter B. Hjortrup, Marco B. Hansen, Theis Lange, Anna Norrby-Teglund, Ole Hyldegaard, Anders Perner
    Volume 43, Number 11 / November, 2017
    Seven-Day Profile Publication

  8. Low-dose corticosteroids for adult patients with septic shock: a systematic review with meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis

    Sofie Louise Rygård, Ethan Butler, Anders Granholm, Morten Hylander Møller, Jeremy Cohen, Simon Finfer, Anders Perner, John Myburgh, Balasubramanian Venkatesh, Anthony Delaney
    Volume 44, Number 7 / July, 2018
    Seven-Day Profile Publication

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