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  1. Defining, treating and preventing hospital acquired pneumonia: European perspective

    Antoni Torres, Santiago Ewig, Harmut Lode, Jean Carlet
    Volume 35, Number 1 / January, 2009
    Special Article

  2. Benefits and risks of success or failure of noninvasive ventilation

    Alexandre Demoule, Emmanuelle Girou, Jean-Christophe Richard, Solenne Taille, Laurent Brochard
    Volume 32, Number 11 / November, 2006

  3. Diagnosis of nosocomial pneumonia in mechanically ventilated patients by the blind protected telescoping catheter

    Dr. R. Jordá, F. Parras, J. Ibañez, J. Reina, J. Bergadá, J. M. Raurich
    Volume 19, Number 7 / July, 1993

  4. Evaluation of the available invasive and non-invasive techniques for diagnosing nosocomial pneumonias in mechanically ventilated patients

    Dr. A. Torres, J. González, M. Ferrer
    Volume 17, Number 8 / August, 1991
    Review Article

  5. Scoring system for nosocomial pneumonia in ICUs

    A. Kropec, F. Daschner, G. Schulgen, M. Schumacher, H. Just, K. Geiger
    Volume 22, Number 11 / November, 1996

  6. The pathogenesis of ventilator-associated pneumonia: I. Mechanisms of bacterial transcolonization and airway inoculation

    R. J. Estes, G. U. Meduri
    Volume 21, Number 4 / April, 1995
    Review Article

  7. Nosocomial pneumonia

    Waldemar G. Johanson Jr, Lisa L. Dever
    Volume 29, Number 1 / January, 2003
    Seminal Studies In Intensive Care

  8. Predicting nosocomial pneumonia in the ICU...an ongoing challenge

    D. Pittet
    Volume 22, Number 11 / November, 1996

  9. Risk factors for infection byPseudomonas aeruginosa in patients with ventilator-associated pneumonia

    J. Rello, V. Ausina, M. Ricart, C. Puzo, E. Quintana, A. Net, G. Prats
    Volume 20, Number 3 / March, 1994

  10. Bronchoscopy in the intensive care unit

    Dr. Ph. Jolliet, Dr. J. C. Chevrolet
    Volume 18, Number 3 / March, 1992
    Review Article

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