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  1. The risk and clinical outcome of candidemia depending on underlying malignancyOpen access

    Olivier Lortholary, Charlotte Renaudat, Karine Sitbon, Marie Desnos-Ollivier, Stéphane Bretagne, Françoise Dromer
    Volume 43, Number 5 / May, 2017

  2. Early CPAP prevents evolution of acute lung injury in patients with hematologic malignancy

    Vincenzo Squadrone, Massimo Massaia, Benedetto Bruno, Filippo Marmont, Michele Falda, Carlotta Bagna, Stefania Bertone, Claudia Filippini, Arthur S. Slutsky, Umberto Vitolo, Mario Boccadoro, V. Marco Ranieri
    Volume 36, Number 10 / October, 2010

  3. Incidence, duration and causes of intensive care unit admission following pulmonary resection for malignancy

    Daniel D. Melley, Ewan M. Thomson, Steve P. Page, George Ladas, Jeremy Cordingley, Timothy W. Evans
    Volume 32, Number 9 / September, 2006
    Brief Report

  4. The intensive care support of patients with malignancy: do everything that can be done

    Élie Azoulay, Bekele Afessa
    Volume 32, Number 1 / January, 2006

  5. Outcome in severely ill patients with hematological malignancies who received intravenous chemotherapy in the intensive care unit

    Dominique D. Benoit, Pieter O. Depuydt, Koenraad H. Vandewoude, Fritz C. Offner, Tom Boterberg, Carole A. De Cock, Lucien A. Noens, Ann M. Janssens, Johan M. Decruyenaere
    Volume 32, Number 1 / January, 2006

  6. Central neurological complications in critically ill patients with malignancies

    Stéphane Legriel, Hélène Marijon, Michael Darmon, Virginie Lemiale, Jean-Pierre Bedos, Benoît Schlemmer, Elie Azoulay
    Volume 36, Number 2 / February, 2010

  7. Long-term outcomes and quality of life in critically ill patients with hematological or solid malignancies: a single center study

    S. G. Oeyen, D. D. Benoit, L. Annemans, P. O. Depuydt, S. J. Van Belle, R. I. Troisi, L. A. Noens, P. Pattyn, J. M. Decruyenaere
    Volume 39, Number 5 / May, 2013

  8. Diagnostic strategy in cancer patients with acute respiratory failure

    Élie Azoulay, Benoît Schlemmer
    Volume 32, Number 6 / June, 2006

  9. Impact of organ dysfunction on mortality in ICU patients with hematologic malignancies

    Dominique M. Vandijck, Pieter O. Depuydt, Fritz C. Offner, Joke Nollet, Renaat A. Peleman, Eva Steel, Lucien A. Noens, Johan M. Decruyenaere, Dominique D. Benoit
    Volume 36, Number 10 / October, 2010

  10. Long-term survival after extracorporeal life support in children with neutropenic sepsis

    Sile Smith, Warwick Butt, Derek Best, Graeme MacLaren
    Volume 42, Number 5 / May, 2016

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