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  1. Histopathology of septic shock induced acute kidney injury: apoptosis and leukocytic infiltration

    Nicolas Lerolle, Dominique Nochy, Emmanuel Guérot, Patrick Bruneval, Jean-Yves Fagon, Jean-Luc Diehl, Gary Hill
    Volume 36, Number 3 / March, 2010

  2. Health-related quality of life as a prognostic factor of survival in critically ill patients

    Sebastián Iribarren-Diarasarri, Felipe Aizpuru-Barandiaran, Tomás Muñoz-Martínez, Ángel Loma-Osorio, Marianela Hernández-López, José María Ruiz-Zorrilla, Carlos Castillo-Arenal, Juan Luis Dudagoitia-Otaolea, Sergio Martínez-Alutiz, Cristina Vinuesa-Lozano
    Volume 35, Number 5 / May, 2009

  3. Renal resistive index and renal function before and after paracentesis in patients with hepatorenal syndrome and tense ascites

    Andreas Umgelter, Wolfgang Reindl, Michael Franzen, Cosima Lenhardt, Wolfgang Huber, Roland M. Schmid
    Volume 35, Number 1 / January, 2009
    Brief Report

  4. Discussion on “Prevention of cardiac surgery-associated AKI by implementing the KDIGO guidelines in high risk patients identified by biomarkers: the PrevAKI randomized controlled trial”

    Hilde R. H. de Geus, Melanie Meersch, Alexander Zarbock
    Online First

  5. Long-term outcome of iatrogenic gas embolism

    Jacques Bessereau, Nicolas Genotelle, Cendrine Chabbaut, Anne Huon, Alexis Tabah, Jérôme Aboab, Sylvie Chevret, Djillali Annane
    Volume 36, Number 7 / July, 2010

  6. Urinary biomarkers in septic acute kidney injury

    Sean M. Bagshaw, Christoph Langenberg, Michael Haase, Li Wan, Clive N. May, Rinaldo Bellomo
    Volume 33, Number 7 / July, 2007
    Systematic Review

  7. Dramatic vascular compression by tension pneumoperitoneum

    Yoann Launey, Kathleen Turner, Yannick Mallédant, Philippe Seguin
    Volume 42, Number 11 / November, 2016
    Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine

  8. Intensive care medicine in 2050: vasopressors in sepsis

    Jean-Louis Teboul, Jacques Duranteau, James A. Russell
    Online First
    What's New in Intensive Care

  9. Pericardiac slipknot

    Georg Beyer, Stephanie Lippl, Joachim Stemmler, Stephanie-Susanne Stecher
    Online First
    Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine

  10. Ten ‘short-lived’ beliefs in intensive care medicine

    Anders Perner, John Myburgh
    Volume 41, Number 9 / September, 2015
    What's New in Intensive Care

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