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  1. Comfort and patient-centred care without excessive sedation: the eCASH conceptOpen access

    Jean-Louis Vincent, Yahya Shehabi, Timothy S. Walsh, Pratik P. Pandharipande, Jonathan A. Ball, Peter Spronk, Dan Longrois, Thomas Strøm, Giorgio Conti, Georg-Christian Funk, Rafael Badenes, Jean Mantz, Claudia Spies, Jukka Takala
    Volume 42, Number 6 / June, 2016

  2. Influence of the initial level of consciousness on early, goal-directed mobilization: a post hoc analysis

    Stefan J. Schaller, Flora T. Scheffenbichler, Somnath Bose, Nicole Mazwi, Hao Deng, Franziska Krebs, Christian L. Seifert, George Kasotakis, Stephanie D. Grabitz, Nicola Latronico, Timothy Houle, Manfred Blobner, Matthias Eikermann
    Volume 45, Number 2 / February, 2019

  3. Factors influencing physical activity and rehabilitation in survivors of critical illness: a systematic review of quantitative and qualitative studies

    Selina M. Parry, Laura D. Knight, Bronwen Connolly, Claire Baldwin, Zudin Puthucheary, Peter Morris, Jessica Mortimore, Nicholas Hart, Linda Denehy, Catherine L. Granger
    Volume 43, Number 4 / April, 2017
    Systematic Review

  4. Ten reasons why ICU patients should be mobilized early

    Linda Denehy, Julie Lanphere, Dale M. Needham
    Volume 43, Number 1 / January, 2017
    What's New in Intensive Care

  5. What is new in prevention of muscle weakness in critically ill patients?

    Matthias Eikermann, Nicola Latronico
    Volume 39, Number 12 / December, 2013
    What's New in Intensive Care

  6. Venovenous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for acute respiratory failure

    Eddy Fan, Luciano Gattinoni, Alain Combes, Matthieu Schmidt, Giles Peek, Dan Brodie, Thomas Muller, Andrea Morelli, V. Marco Ranieri, Antonio Pesenti, Laurent Brochard, Carol Hodgson, Cecile Van Kiersbilck, Antoine Roch, Michael Quintel, Laurent Papazian
    Volume 42, Number 5 / May, 2016

  7. Measuring physical function after ICU: one step at a time

    Carol L. Hodgson, Linda Denehy
    Volume 43, Number 12 / December, 2017
    Focus Editorial

  8. Implementing early physical rehabilitation and mobilisation in the ICU: institutional, clinician, and patient considerations

    Selina M. Parry, Peter Nydahl, Dale M. Needham
    Volume 44, Number 4 / April, 2018
    What's New in Intensive Care

  9. Cognitive impairment after intensive care unit admission: a systematic review

    Annemiek E. Wolters, Arjen J. C. Slooter, Arendina W. van der Kooi, Diederik van Dijk
    Volume 39, Number 3 / March, 2013

  10. The effects of active mobilisation and rehabilitation in ICU on mortality and function: a systematic review

    Claire J. Tipping, Meg Harrold, Anne Holland, Lorena Romero, Travis Nisbet, Carol L. Hodgson
    Volume 43, Number 2 / February, 2017
    Systematic Review

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