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  1. Are intensive care physicians aware of dysphagia? The MADICU survey results

    Thomas Marian, Martin Dünser, Giuseppe Citerio, Andreas Koköfer, Rainer Dziewas
    Volume 44, Number 6 / June, 2018

  2. Electrical pharyngeal stimulation for dysphagia treatment in tracheotomized stroke patients: a randomized controlled trial

    Sonja Suntrup, Thomas Marian, Jens Burchard Schröder, Inga Suttrup, Paul Muhle, Stephan Oelenberg, Christina Hamacher, Jens Minnerup, Tobias Warnecke, Rainer Dziewas
    Volume 41, Number 9 / September, 2015

  3. The intensive care management of acute ischemic stroke: an overview

    Matthew A. Kirkman, Giuseppe Citerio, Martin Smith
    Volume 40, Number 5 / May, 2014

  4. Physiological effects of meals in difficult-to-wean tracheostomised patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

    Michele Vitacca, Giovanna Callegari, Maria Sarvà, Luca Bianchi, Luca Barbano, Bruno Balbi, Nicolino Ambrosino
    Volume 31, Number 2 / February, 2005

  5. Focus on clinical neuroscience

    Martin Smith, Giuseppe Citerio
    Volume 42, Number 3 / March, 2016
    Focus Editorial

  6. A giant epiglottic cyst

    Yasuyuki Chida, Ryota Inokuchi, Yoshibumi Kumada, Kazuaki Shinohara
    Volume 42, Number 9 / September, 2016
    Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine

  7. Effect of a tracheostomy speaking valve on breathing–swallowing interaction

    Hélène Prigent, Michèle Lejaille, Nicolas Terzi, Djillali Annane, Marjorie Figere, David Orlikowski, Frédéric Lofaso
    Volume 38, Number 1 / January, 2012

  8. Tracheotomy cuff inflation and tube displacement

    P. Ceriana, G. Bertoli, S. Nava
    Volume 36, Number 6 / June, 2010

  9. Wound botulism in an injecting drug abuser

    G. L. Thomas, P. G. Haji-Michael
    Volume 29, Number 5 / May, 2003

  10. Extracorporeal life support for treatment of children with enterovirus 71 infection-related cardiopulmonary failure

    Sheng-Ling Jan, Shing-Jong Lin, Yun-Ching Fu, Ching-Shiang Chi, Chung-Chi Wang, Hao-Ji Wei, Yen Chang, Betau Hwang, Po-Yen Chen, Fang-Liang Huang, Ming-Chih Lin
    Volume 36, Number 3 / March, 2010
    Pediatric Original

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