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  1. Passive leg raising performed before a spontaneous breathing trial predicts weaning-induced cardiac dysfunction

    Martin Dres, Jean-Louis Teboul, Nadia Anguel, Laurent Guerin, Christian Richard, Xavier Monnet
    Volume 41, Number 3 / March, 2015

  2. Use of N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide to detect cardiac origin in critically ill cancer patients with acute respiratory failure

    Aurélie Lefebvre, Suzanne Kural-Menasché, Michael Darmon, Guillaume Thiéry, Jean-Paul Feugeas, Benoît Schlemmer, Élie Azoulay
    Volume 34, Number 5 / May, 2008

  3. Septic shock: a heart story since the 1960s

    C. Rabuel, A. Mebazaa
    Volume 32, Number 6 / June, 2006
    Seminal Study in Intensive Care

  4. Milrinone for cardiac dysfunction in critically ill adult patients: a systematic review of randomised clinical trials with meta-analysis and trial sequential analysisOpen access

    Geert Koster, Hanneke J. Bekema, Jørn Wetterslev, Christian Gluud, Frederik Keus, Iwan C. C. van der Horst
    Volume 42, Number 9 / September, 2016
    Systematic Review

  5. Cardiac dysfunction in sepsis

    Anders Aneman, Antoine Vieillard-Baron
    Volume 42, Number 12 / December, 2016
    Understanding the Disease

  6. Weaning-induced cardiac dysfunction: where are we today?

    Jean-Louis Teboul
    Volume 40, Number 8 / August, 2014
    My Paper 20 Years Later

  7. Cardiac dysfunction in sepsis: new theories and clinical implications

    R. M. Grocott-Mason, A. M. Shah
    Volume 24, Number 4 / April, 1998

  8. Incidence and circumstances of serum creatinine increase after abdominal aortic surgery

    Frédérique Ryckwaert, Pierre Alric, Marie-Christine Picot, Kela Djoufelkit, Pascal Colson
    Volume 29, Number 10 / October, 2003
    Brief Report

  9. Effects of levosimendan on systemic and regional hemodynamics in septic myocardial depression

    Andrea Morelli, Stefano De Castro, Jean-Louis Teboul, Mervyn Singer, Monica Rocco, Giorgio Conti, Leonardo De Luca, Emanuele Di Angelantonio, Alessandra Orecchioni, Natesa G. Pandian, Paolo Pietropaoli
    Volume 31, Number 5 / May, 2005

  10. Left ventricular global longitudinal strain is independently associated with mortality in septic shock patients

    Wei-Ting Chang, Wen-Huang Lee, Wei-Ting Lee, Po-Sheng Chen, Yu-Ru Su, Ping-Yen Liu, Yen-Wen Liu, Wei-Chuan Tsai
    Volume 41, Number 10 / October, 2015

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