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  1. Epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of systemic Candida infection in surgical patients under intensive care

    J. L. Vincent, E. Anaissie, H. Bruining, W. Demajo, M. El-Ebiary, J. Haber, Y. Hiramatsu, G. Nitenberg, P. O. Nyström, D. Pittet, T. Rogers, P. Sandven, G. Sganga, M. D. Schaller, J. Solomkin
    Volume 24, Number 3 / March, 1998

  2. Incidence, characteristics and outcome of ICU-acquired candidemia in India

    Arunaloke Chakrabarti, Prashant Sood, Shivaprakash M. Rudramurthy, Sharon Chen, Harsimran Kaur, Malini Capoor, Deepinder Chhina, Ratna Rao, Vandana Kalwaje Eshwara, Immaculata Xess, Anupama J. Kindo, P. Umabala, Jayanthi Savio, Atul Patel, Ujjwayini Ray, Sangeetha Mohan, Ranganathan Iyer, Jagdish Chander, Anita Arora, Raman Sardana, Indranil Roy, B. Appalaraju, Ajanta Sharma, Anjali Shetty, Neelam
    Volume 41, Number 2 / February, 2015

  3. The risk and clinical outcome of candidemia depending on underlying malignancyOpen access

    Olivier Lortholary, Charlotte Renaudat, Karine Sitbon, Marie Desnos-Ollivier, Stéphane Bretagne, Françoise Dromer
    Volume 43, Number 5 / May, 2017

  4. Why candidemia occurs early: a comment on “incidence, characteristics and outcome of ICU-acquired candidemia in India”

    Garima Kapoor, Saurabh Saigal, Karnika Saigal
    Volume 41, Number 2 / February, 2015

  5. Arterial blood culture to hasten the diagnosis of candidemia in critically ill patients

    Carlo Tascini, Francesco Sbrana, Gianluigi Cardinali, Andrea Ripoli, Alessandro Leonildi, Francesco Amadori, Francesco Menichetti
    Volume 40, Number 7 / July, 2014

  6. Right atrial thrombus formation associated with central venous catheters utilization in hemodialysis patients

    Mohammad K. Ghani, Fernando Boccalandro, Ali E. Denktas, Eddy Barasch
    Volume 29, Number 10 / October, 2003
    Brief Report

  7. Significance of the isolation of Candida species from airway samples in critically ill patients: a prospective, autopsy study

    W. Meersseman, K. Lagrou, I. Spriet, J. Maertens, E. Verbeken, W. E. Peetermans, E. Van Wijngaerden
    Volume 35, Number 9 / September, 2009

  8. Treatment of acute respiratory failure by helmet-delivered non-invasive pressure support ventilation in children with acute leukemia: a pilot study

    Marco Piastra, Massimo Antonelli, Antonio Chiaretti, Giancarlo Polidori, Lorenzo Polidori, Giorgio Conti
    Volume 30, Number 3 / March, 2004
    Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care

  9. Candidemia and candiduria in critically ill patients admitted to intensive care units in France: incidence, molecular diversity, management and outcome

    Marie-Elisabeth Bougnoux, Guillaume Kac, Philippe Aegerter, Christophe d’Enfert, Jean-Yves Fagon
    Volume 34, Number 2 / February, 2008

  10. Neutrophil and monocyte CD64 indexes, lipopolysaccharide-binding protein, procalcitonin and C-reactive protein in sepsis of critically ill neonates and children

    Mojca Groselj-Grenc, Alojz Ihan, Maja Pavcnik-Arnol, Andreja Natasa Kopitar, Tanja Gmeiner-Stopar, Metka Derganc
    Volume 35, Number 11 / November, 2009
    Pediatric Original

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