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  1. Endotoxin-induced gene expression differences in the brain and effects of iNOS inhibition and norepinephrineOpen access

    Stephanie Wolff, Sabine Klatt, Jens C. Wolff, Jochen Wilhelm, Ludger Fink, Manfred Kaps, Bernhard Rosengarten
    Volume 35, Number 4 / April, 2009

  2. The effects of performance status one week before hospital admission on the outcomes of critically ill patients

    Fernando G. Zampieri, Fernando A. Bozza, Giulliana M. Moralez, Débora D. S. Mazza, Alexandre V. Scotti, Marcelo S. Santino, Rubens A. B. Ribeiro, Edison M. Rodrigues Filho, Maurício M. Cabral, Marcelo O. Maia, Patrícia S. D’Alessandro, Sandro V. Oliveira, Márcia A. M. Menezes, Eliana B. Caser, Roberto S. Lannes, Meton S. Alencar Neto, Maristela M. Machado, Marcelo F. Sousa, Jorge I. F. Salluh, Mar
    Volume 43, Number 1 / January, 2017

  3. Consensus summary statement of the International Multidisciplinary Consensus Conference on Multimodality Monitoring in Neurocritical Care

    Peter Le Roux, David K. Menon, Giuseppe Citerio, Paul Vespa, Mary Kay Bader, Gretchen M. Brophy, Michael N. Diringer, Nino Stocchetti, Walter Videtta, Rocco Armonda, Neeraj Badjatia, Julian Böesel, Randall Chesnut, Sherry Chou, Jan Claassen, Marek Czosnyka, Michael De Georgia, Anthony Figaji, Jennifer Fugate, Raimund Helbok, David Horowitz, Peter Hutchinson, Monisha Kumar, Molly McNett, Chad Mille
    Volume 40, Number 9 / September, 2014
    Conference Reports and Expert Panel

  4. Fluid responsiveness predicted by noninvasive Bioreactance-based passive leg raise test

    Brahim Benomar, Alexandre Ouattara, Philippe Estagnasie, Alain Brusset, Pierre Squara
    Volume 36, Number 11 / November, 2010

  5. A metabolomic approach for diagnosis of experimental sepsis

    José L. Izquierdo-García, Nicolás Nin, Jesús Ruíz-Cabello, Yeny Rojas, Marta de Paula, Sonia López-Cuenca, Luis Morales, Leticia Martínez-Caro, Pilar Fernández-Segoviano, Andrés Esteban, José A. Lorente
    Volume 37, Number 12 / December, 2011

  6. Prognostic factors in non-exertional heatstroke

    Pierre Hausfater, Bruno Megarbane, Sandrine Dautheville, Anabella Patzak, Marc Andronikof, Aline Santin, Stéphanie André, Ludovic Korchia, Nabila Terbaoui, Gérald Kierzek, Benoît Doumenc, Christophe Leroy, Bruno Riou
    Volume 36, Number 2 / February, 2010

  7. Mortality, disability, and intensive care in patients with mitochondrial 3243A>G mutation

    Han-Chung Hsiue, Ni-Chung Lee, Hung-Bin Tsai, Chih-Chao Yang, Chao-Szu Wu, Wang-Tso Lee, Wen-Chin Weng, Pi-Chuan Fan, Yin-Hsiu Chien, Wuh-Liang Hwu, Kun-Long Hung, Chao-Ching Huang, Chih-Hung Chen, Shio-Jean Lin, Shao-Yin Chu, Tzu-Jou Wang, Chien-Jung Lu, Pei-Lin Lee
    Volume 41, Number 8 / August, 2015

  8. Oxidative phosphorylation gene expression falls at onset and throughout the development of meningococcal sepsis-induced multi-organ failure in childrenOpen access

    Sainath Raman, Nigel Klein, Antonia Kwan, Mike Hubank, Shamima Rahman, Asrar Rashid, Mark J. Peters
    Volume 41, Number 8 / August, 2015

  9. Visualizing secondary brain insults: does the emperor have new clothes?

    Karim Asehnoune, J. Claude Hemphill III, Rachel S. Agbeko
    Volume 41, Number 7 / July, 2015

  10. ARDS and knowledge translation

    Mingyao Liu
    Volume 34, Number 4 / April, 2008

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