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Year in review in Intensive Care Medicine, 2007. I. Experimental studies. Clinical studies: brain injury and neurology, renal failure and endocrinologyOpen access

Massimo Antonelli| Elie Azoulay| Marc Bonten| Jean Chastre| Giuseppe Citerio| Giorgio Conti| Daniel De Backer| François Lemaire| Herwig Gerlach| Johan Groeneveld| Goran Hedenstierna| Duncan Macrae| Jordi Mancebo| Salvatore M. Maggiore| Alexandre Mebazaa| Philipp Metnitz| Jerôme Pugin| Jan Wernerman| Haibo Zhang
Year in Review 2007
Volume 34, Issue 2 / February , 2008

Pages 229 - 242

No abstract available.


  1. Fraisse A, Bregeon F, Delpierre S, Gaudart J, Payan MJ, Pugin J, Papazian L (2007) Hemodynamics in experimental gastric juice induced aspiration pneumonitis. Intensive Care Med 33:300–307
  2. Eyal FG, Hamm CR, Parker JC (2007) Reduction in alveolar macrophages attenuates acute ventilator induced lung injury in rats. Intensive Care Med 33:1212–1218
  3. Lachmann RA, van Kaam AH, Haitsma JJ, Lachmann B (2007) High positive end-expiratory pressure levels promote bacterial translocation in experimental pneumonia. Intensive Care Med 33:1800–1804
  4. Testelmans D, Maes K, Wouters P, Powers SK, Decramer M, Gayan-Ramirez G (2007) Infusions of rocuronium and cisatracurium exert different effects on rat diaphragm function. Intensive Care Med 33:872–879
  5. Lindgren S, Odenstedt H, Olegard C, Sondergaard S, Lundin S, Stenqvist O (2007) Regional lung derecruitment after endotracheal suction during volume- or pressure-controlled ventilation: a study using electric impedance tomography. Intensive Care Med 33:172–180
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