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Open lung biopsy in nonresolving ARDS frequently identifies diffuse alveolar damage regardless of the severity stage and may have implications for patient management

Claude Guerin, Frédérique Bayle, Véronique Leray, Sophie Debord, Alina Stoian, Hodane Yonis, Jean-Baptiste Roudaut, Gael Bourdin, Mojgan Devouassoux-Shisheboran, Elodie Bucher, Louis Ayzac, Sylvie Lantuejoul, Carole Philipponnet, Jean Louis Kemeny, Bertrand Souweine, Jean-Christophe Richard
Pages 222 - 230

Evaluation of endothelial damage in sepsis-related ARDS using circulating endothelial cells

Mouhamed Djahoum Moussa, Cristina Santonocito, David Fagnoul, Katia Donadello, Olivier Pradier, Pascale Gaussem, Daniel De Backer, Jean-Louis Vincent
Pages 231 - 238

Damage control resuscitation using blood component therapy in standard doses has a limited effect on coagulopathy during trauma hemorrhage

Sirat Khan, Ross Davenport, Imran Raza, Simon Glasgow, Henry D. De’Ath, Pär I. Johansson, Nicola Curry, Simon Stanworth, Christine Gaarder, Karim Brohi
Pages 239 - 247

Volume expansion in the first 4 days of shock: a prospective multicentre study in 19 French intensive care units

Thierry Boulain, Julie Boisrame-Helms, Stephan Ehrmann, Jean-Baptiste Lascarrou, Adrien Bouglé, Arnaud Chiche, Karim Lakhal, Stéphane Gaudry, Sébastien Perbet, Arnaud Desachy, Séverin Cabasson, Isabelle Geneau, Patricia Courouble, Noémie Clavieras, Pablo L. Massanet, Frédéric Bellec, Yoan Falquet, François Réminiac, Philippe Vignon, Pierre-François Dequin, Ferhat Meziani
Pages 248 - 256

Chloride-liberal vs. chloride-restrictive intravenous fluid administration and acute kidney injury: an extended analysis

Nor’azim Mohd Yunos, Rinaldo Bellomo, Neil Glassford, Harvey Sutcliffe, Que Lam, Michael Bailey
Pages 257 - 264

Applying mean systemic filling pressure to assess the response to fluid boluses in cardiac post-surgical patients

Kapil Gupta, Soren Sondergaard, Geoffrey Parkin, Mark Leaning, Anders Aneman
Pages 265 - 272

The Iatroref study: medical errors are associated with symptoms of depression in ICU staff but not burnout or safety culture

Maité Garrouste-Orgeas, Marion Perrin, Lilia Soufir, Aurélien Vesin, François Blot, Virginie Maxime, Pascal Beuret, Gilles Troché, Kada Klouche, Laurent Argaud, Elie Azoulay, Jean-François Timsit
Pages 273 - 284

Incidence, characteristics and outcome of ICU-acquired candidemia in India

Arunaloke Chakrabarti, Prashant Sood, Shivaprakash M. Rudramurthy, Sharon Chen, Harsimran Kaur, Malini Capoor, Deepinder Chhina, Ratna Rao, Vandana Kalwaje Eshwara, Immaculata Xess, Anupama J. Kindo, P. Umabala, Jayanthi Savio, Atul Patel, Ujjwayini Ray, Sangeetha Mohan, Ranganathan Iyer, Jagdish Chander, Anita Arora, Raman Sardana, Indranil Roy, B. Appalaraju, Ajanta Sharma, Anjali Shetty, Neelam
Pages 285 - 295

Prognosis of neutropenic patients admitted to the intensive care unit

D. Mokart, M. Darmon, M. Resche-Rigon, V. Lemiale, F. Pène, J. Mayaux, A. Rabbat, A. Kouatchet, F. Vincent, M. Nyunga, F. Bruneel, C. Lebert, P. Perez, A. Renault, R. Hamidfar, M. Jourdain, A.-P. Meert, D. Benoit, S. Chevret, E. Azoulay
Pages 296 - 303

The association between ICU level of care and mortality in the Netherlands

Georg Heinrich Kluge, Sylvia Brinkman, Giel van Berkel, Johannes van der Hoeven, Crétien Jacobs, Yvonne E. M. Snel, John P. W. Vogelaar, Nicolette F. de Keizer, Emiel S. Boon
Pages 304 - 311


Energy deficit is clinically relevant for critically ill patients: yes

Claude Pichard, Taku Oshima, Mette M. Berger
Pages 335 - 338

Energy deficit is clinically relevant for critically ill patients: no

L. John Hoffer, Bruce R. Bistrian
Pages 339 - 341

Presepsin: solving a soluble (CD14) problem in sepsis?

Gareth L. Ackland, John R. Prowle
Pages 351 - 353

Predicting the determinants of volume responsiveness

Xavier Monnet, Michael R. Pinsky
Pages 354 - 356

Comparing intensive care units by size or level

Dylan W. de Lange, Hannah Wunsch, Jozef Kesecioglu
Pages 357 - 359

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