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Non-pulmonary infections but not specific pathogens are associated with increased risk of AKI in septic shock

Manish Sood, Keren Mandelzweig, Claudio Rigatto, Navdeep Tangri, Paul Komenda, Gregory Martinka, Yaseen Arabi, Sean Keenan, Aseem Kumar, Anand Kumar
Pages 1080 - 1088

Elevated plasmatic level of soluble IL-7 receptor is associated with increased mortality in septic shock patients

Julie Demaret, Astrid Villars-Méchin, Alain Lepape, Jonathan Plassais, Hélène Vallin, Christophe Malcus, Françoise Poitevin-Later, Guillaume Monneret, Fabienne Venet
Pages 1089 - 1096

Distinct determinants of long-term and short-term survival in critical illness

Allan Garland, Kendiss Olafson, Clare D. Ramsey, Marina Yogendran, Randall Fransoo
Pages 1097 - 1105

Acute respiratory distress syndrome in patients with malignancies

Elie Azoulay, Virginie Lemiale, Djamel Mokart, Frédéric Pène, Achille Kouatchet, Pierre Perez, François Vincent, Julien Mayaux, Dominique Benoit, Fabrice Bruneel, Anne-Pascale Meert, Martine Nyunga, Antoine Rabbat, Michael Darmon
Pages 1106 - 1114

Half of the family members of critically ill patients experience excessive daytime sleepiness

Avelino C. Verceles, Douglas S. Corwin, Majid Afshar, Eliot B. Friedman, Michael T. McCurdy, Carl Shanholtz, Karen Oakjones, Marc T. Zubrow, Jennifer Titus, Giora Netzer
Pages 1124 - 1131


Cancer patients with ARDS: survival gains and unanswered questions

Pieter O. Depuydt, Marcio Soares
Pages 1168 - 1170

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