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Volume 41, Number 8
August 2015

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Seven-Day Profile Publication

Epidemiology of acute kidney injury in critically ill patients: the multinational AKI-EPI study

Eric A. J. Hoste, Sean M. Bagshaw, Rinaldo Bellomo, Cynthia M. Cely, Roos Colman, Dinna N. Cruz, Kyriakos Edipidis, Lui G. Forni, Charles D. Gomersall, Deepak Govil, Patrick M. Honoré, Olivier Joannes-Boyau, Michael Joannidis, Anna-Maija Korhonen, Athina Lavrentieva, Ravindra L. Mehta, Paul Palevsky, Eric Roessler, Claudio Ronco, Shigehiko Uchino, Jorge A. Vazquez, Erick Vidal Andrade, Steve Webb,
Pages 1411 - 1423

Original Article

Cost awareness of physicians in intensive care units: a multicentric national study

Romain Hernu, Martin Cour, Sylvie de la Salle, Dominique Robert, Laurent Argaud
Pages 1402 - 1410

β-d-Glucan and Candida albicans germ tube antibody in ICU patients with invasive candidiasis

Estrella Martín-Mazuelos, Ana Loza, Carmen Castro, Desirée Macías, Ismail Zakariya, Pedro Saavedra, Sergio Ruiz-Santana, Elena Marín, Cristóbal León
Pages 1424 - 1432

Physical activity, muscle strength, and exercise capacity 3 months after severe sepsis and septic shock

Rodrigo Cerqueira Borges, Celso R. F. Carvalho, Alexandra Siqueira Colombo, Mariucha Pereira da Silva Borges, Francisco Garcia Soriano
Pages 1433 - 1444

Early fluid accumulation in children with shock and ICU mortality: a matched case–control study

Priya Bhaskar, Archana V. Dhar, Marita Thompson, Raymond Quigley, Vinai Modem
Pages 1445 - 1453

Systematic Review

Endogenous IgG hypogammaglobulinaemia in critically ill adults with sepsis: systematic review and meta-analysis

Manu Shankar-Hari, Nicholas Culshaw, Benjamin Post, Eduardo Tamayo, David Andaluz-Ojeda, Jesús F. Bermejo-Martín, Sebastian Dietz, Karl Werdan, Richard Beale, Jo Spencer, Mervyn Singer
Pages 1393 - 1401

What's New in Intensive Care

Ten major priorities for intensive care in India

J. V. Divatia, Shivakumar Iyer
Pages 1468 - 1471

Pre-hospital transportation in Western countries for Ebola patients, comparison of guidelinesOpen access

H. Coignard-Biehler, A. Isakov, J. Stephenson
Pages 1472 - 1476

What’s new on the HPA axis?Open access

Johannes Hofland, Jan Bakker, Richard A. Feelders
Pages 1477 - 1479

Understanding the Disease


Do you know how much it costs?

Derek S. Wheeler
Pages 1454 - 1456

Fluid resuscitation of shock in children: what, whence and whither?

David P. Inwald, Warwick Butt, Robert C. Tasker
Pages 1457 - 1459

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine

Surgical fixation of rib fractures in chest wall trauma

Jean-Michel Maury, Gaëtane Roquet, Guillaume Marcotte, Jean-Stephane David
Pages 1483 - 1484

When intra-aortic balloon pump is intra-abdominal balloon pump

Nicolas Mongardon, Dominique Vodovar, Hakim Haouache, Gilles Dhonneur
Pages 1485 - 1486

From the Inside


Oxidative phosphorylation gene expression falls at onset and throughout the development of meningococcal sepsis-induced multi-organ failure in childrenOpen access

Sainath Raman, Nigel Klein, Antonia Kwan, Mike Hubank, Shamima Rahman, Asrar Rashid, Mark J. Peters
Pages 1489 - 1490

Safety, feasibility, and interest of transthoracic echocardiography in a deployed French military Ebola virus disease treatment center in Guinea

G. R. Cellarier, J. Bordes, L. Karkowski, N. Gagnon, M. Billhot, J. M. Cournac, C. Rousseau, T. De Greslan, C. Mac Nab, P. Dubrous, S. Duron, S. Moroge, B. Quentin
Pages 1491 - 1492

Mortality, disability, and intensive care in patients with mitochondrial 3243A>G mutation

Han-Chung Hsiue, Ni-Chung Lee, Hung-Bin Tsai, Chih-Chao Yang, Chao-Szu Wu, Wang-Tso Lee, Wen-Chin Weng, Pi-Chuan Fan, Yin-Hsiu Chien, Wuh-Liang Hwu, Kun-Long Hung, Chao-Ching Huang, Chih-Hung Chen, Shio-Jean Lin, Shao-Yin Chu, Tzu-Jou Wang, Chien-Jung Lu, Pei-Lin Lee
Pages 1493 - 1495

Effect of incomplete withdrawal of a closed-suction catheter on airway resistance

Sheng-Yuan Ruan, Feng-Ching Lin, Chun-Ta Huang, Shih-Chi Ku, Huey-Dong Wu
Pages 1496 - 1497

Peripherally inserted central catheter as a predominant risk factor for candidemia in critically ill patients in Internal Medicine wards in Italy

Carlo Tascini, Emanuela Sozio, Giancarlo Tintori, Andrea Ripoli, Francesco Sbrana, Elena Rosselli Del Turco, Giacomo Bertolino, Simona Fortunato, Franco Carmassi, Gianluigi Cardinali, Francesco Menichetti
Pages 1498 - 1499

Endotracheal suctioning with nonsterile gloves and only when necessary!

Herma Speksnijder, Zoran Trogrlić, Alexandre Lima, Jan Bakker, Dinis dos Reis Miranda
Pages 1500 - 1501

Difficult decisions in Greek intensive care units: results of a national survey

Victoria Metaxa, Kiriaki Matsi, Paschalina Kontou
Pages 1502 - 1503

Organ failures on admission in patients with Ebola virus disease

Julien Bordes, Frédéric Janvier, Marc Aletti, Thierry de Greslan, Nicolas Gagnon, Jean Cotte, Claire Rousseau, Magali Billhot, Jean Marie Cournac, Ludovic Karkowski, Sophie Moroge, Sandrine Duron, Thierry Carmoi, Gilles Cellarier
Pages 1504 - 1505

Management of necrotizing soft tissue infections in the intensive care unit: results of an international survey

Nicolas de Prost, Emilie Sbidian, Olivier Chosidow, Christian Brun-Buisson, Roland Amathieu
Pages 1506 - 1508

Veno-venous extracorporeal CO2 removal improves pulmonary hypertension in acute exacerbation of severe COPD

Christian Karagiannidis, Stephan Strassmann, Alois Philipp, Thomas Müller, Wolfram Windisch
Pages 1509 - 1510

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