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Original Article

Impact of fluid balance on outcome of adult patients treated with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Matthieu Schmidt, Michael Bailey, Joshua Kelly, Carol Hodgson, D. James Cooper, Carlos Scheinkestel, Vincent Pellegrino, Rinaldo Bellomo, David Pilcher
Pages 1256 - 1266

Optic nerve sheath diameter on computed tomography is correlated with simultaneously measured intracranial pressure in patients with severe traumatic brain injury

Mypinder S. Sekhon, Donald E. Griesdale, Chiara Robba, Nick McGlashan, Edward Needham, Katherine Walland, Alyssa C. Shook, Peter Smielewski, Marek Czosnyka, Arun K. Gupta, David K. Menon
Pages 1267 - 1274

Trends in admission prevalence, illness severity and survival of haematological patients treated in Dutch intensive care units

Maarten van Vliet, Ilona W. M. Verburg, Mark van den Boogaard, Nicolette F. de Keizer, Niels Peek, Nicole M. A. Blijlevens, Peter Pickkers
Pages 1275 - 1284

A randomized clinical trial of an intervention to relieve thirst and dry mouth in intensive care unit patients

Kathleen Puntillo, Shoshana R. Arai, Bruce A. Cooper, Nancy A. Stotts, Judith E. Nelson
Pages 1295 - 1302

Worrisome trends in incidence and mortality of candidemia in intensive care units (Paris area, 2002–2010)Open access

Olivier Lortholary, Charlotte Renaudat, Karine Sitbon, Yoann Madec, Lise Denoeud-Ndam, Michel Wolff, Arnaud Fontanet, Stéphane Bretagne, Françoise Dromer
Pages 1303 - 1312

Candida in the respiratory tract secretions of critically ill patients and the impact of antifungal treatment: a randomized placebo controlled pilot trial (CANTREAT study)

Martin Albert, David Williamson, John Muscedere, Francois Lauzier, Coleman Rotstein, Salmaan Kanji, Xuran Jiang, Mark Hall, Daren Heyland
Pages 1313 - 1322

Eligibility for organ donation following end-of-life decisions: a study performed in 43 French intensive care units

Olivier Lesieur, Maxime Leloup, Frédéric Gonzalez, Marie-France Mamzer
Pages 1323 - 1331

A data-driven approach to optimized medication dosing: a focus on heparin

Mohammad M. Ghassemi, Stefan E. Richter, Ifeoma M. Eche, Tszyi W. Chen, John Danziger, Leo A. Celi
Pages 1332 - 1339

Risk factors for target non-attainment during empirical treatment with β-lactam antibiotics in critically ill patients

Jan J. De Waele, J. Lipman, M. Akova, M. Bassetti, G. Dimopoulos, M. Kaukonen, D. Koulenti, C. Martin, P. Montravers, J. Rello, A. Rhodes, A. A. Udy, T. Starr, S. C. Wallis, J. A. Roberts
Pages 1340 - 1351


Reglaze your glasses!

Erwin J. O. Kompanje, Nichon E. Jansen
Pages 1387 - 1389

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