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Volume 41, Number 7
July 2015

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Seven-Day Profile Publication

Intravenous amino acid therapy for kidney function in critically ill patients: a randomized controlled trial

Gordon S. Doig, Fiona Simpson, Rinaldo Bellomo, Philippa T. Heighes, Elizabeth A. Sweetman, Douglas Chesher, Carol Pollock, Andrew Davies, John Botha, Peter Harrigan, Michael C. Reade
Pages 1197 - 1208

Original Article

Effects of fluid administration on arterial load in septic shock patients

Manuel Ignacio Monge García, Pedro Guijo González, Manuel Gracia Romero, Anselmo Gil Cano, Chris Oscier, Andrew Rhodes, Robert Michael Grounds, Maurizio Cecconi
Pages 1247 - 1255

Clinical and imaging factors associated with severe complications of cervical necrotizing fasciitis

Hélène Nougué, Anne-Laure Le Maho, Mourad Boudiaf, Jean-Philippe Blancal, Etienne Gayat, Mathieu Le Dorze, Fabrice Vallée, Benjamin Verillaud, Joaquim Mateo, Hakim Kechiche, Claudia Pignataro, Philippe Herman, Alexandre Mebazaa
Pages 1256 - 1263

Prognostication of post-cardiac arrest coma: early clinical and electroencephalographic predictors of outcome

Adithya Sivaraju, Emily J. Gilmore, Charles R. Wira, Anna Stevens, Nishi Rampal, Jeremy J. Moeller, David M. Greer, Lawrence J. Hirsch, Nicolas Gaspard
Pages 1264 - 1272

Acute kidney injury after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: risk factors and prognosis in a large cohort

Guillaume Geri, Lucie Guillemet, Florence Dumas, Julien Charpentier, Marion Antona, Virginie Lemiale, Wulfran Bougouin, Lionel Lamhaut, Jean-Paul Mira, Christophe Vinsonneau, Alain Cariou
Pages 1273 - 1280

Plasma suPAR as a prognostic biological marker for ICU mortality in ARDS patients

Diederik G. P. J. Geboers, Friso M. de Beer, Anita M. Tuip-de Boer, Tom van der Poll, Janneke Horn, Olaf L. Cremer, Marc J. M. Bonten, David S. Y. Ong, Marcus J. Schultz, Lieuwe D. J. Bos
Pages 1281 - 1290

More than half the families of mobile intensive care unit patients experience inadequate communication with physicians

Guillaume Debaty, François-Xavier Ageron, Laetitia Minguet, Guillaume Courtiol, Christophe Escallier, Adeline Henniche, Maxime Maignan, Raphaël Briot, Françoise Carpentier, Dominique Savary, José Labarere, Vincent Danel
Pages 1291 - 1298


Health-related quality of life following pediatric critical illness

François Aspesberro, Rita Mangione-Smith, Jerry J. Zimmerman
Pages 1235 - 1246

Systematic Review

Glucocorticosteroids for sepsis: systematic review with meta-analysis and trial sequential analysisOpen access

M. Volbeda, J. Wetterslev, C. Gluud, J. G. Zijlstra, I. C. C. van der Horst, F. Keus
Pages 1220 - 1234

What's New in Intensive Care

Ten things you should consider before you believe a clinical practice guideline

R. Jaeschke, G. H. Guyatt, H. Schünemann
Pages 1340 - 1342

Severe preeclampsia: what’s new in intensive care?

Marc Leone, Sharon Einav
Pages 1343 - 1346

Five patient symptoms that you should evaluate every day

Gérald Chanques, Judith Nelson, Kathleen Puntillo
Pages 1347 - 1350

Understanding the Disease

Understanding chlorhexidine decolonization strategies

Michael J. Noto, Arthur P. Wheeler
Pages 1351 - 1354


Neuropsychologic outcomes from paediatric cardiac arrest: an important step forward

Sophie Skellett, Masahiko Nitta, Robert A. Berg
Pages 1307 - 1309

Do we need a pharmacist in the ICU?

Clarence Chant, Norman F. Dewhurst, Jan O. Friedrich
Pages 1314 - 1320

Visualizing secondary brain insults: does the emperor have new clothes?

Karim Asehnoune, J. Claude Hemphill III, Rachel S. Agbeko
Pages 1324 - 1326

Feeding the kidneys in AKI: no appetite for a change in practice

Michael Joannidis, Zaccaria Ricci, Miet Schetz
Pages 1333 - 1335

Are prophylactic antifungals in highly colonized patients safe and effective?

Matteo Bassetti, Cristobal Leon, Jean Francois Timsit
Pages 1336 - 1339

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine

Cryoglobulinemia precipitated by targeted temperature management

Christelle Molinero, Marie Simon, Julien Illinger, Laurent Argaud
Pages 1355 - 1356

Uremic frost: a clinical symptom of severe azotemia

Perrine Jullien, Eric Diconne, Michael Darmon
Pages 1357 - 1358

From the Inside

Non-verbal communication to restore patient–provider trust

Julie Sarah Benbenishty, Jordan R. Hannink
Pages 1359 - 1360


Training in trains: an educational program to teach bystander CPR

Baltasar Sánchez, Ramón Algarte, Ivana Valdelvira, Francisco Fernandez-Dorado, Salvador Quintana, Thomas Geeraerts, Jean-Christophe Richard, Laurent Papazian, Jean-Daniel Chiche
Pages 1361 - 1362

Mortality in children with respiratory failure transported using high-frequency oscillatory ventilation

Peter Jones, Stéphane Dauger, Pierre-Louis Leger, Katia Kessous, Isabelle Casadevall, Isabelle Maury, Philippe Mazeron, Noëlla Lodé
Pages 1363 - 1364

High-dose versus standard dose oseltamivir for treatment of severe influenza in adult intensive care unit patients

Sarah C. Welch, Simon W. Lam, Elizabeth A. Neuner, Seth R. Bauer, Stephanie N. Bass
Pages 1365 - 1366

Common genomic variation in the FER gene: useful to stratify patients with sepsis due to pneumonia?

F. Schöneweck, E. Kuhnt, M. Scholz, F. M. Brunkhorst, A Scherag
Pages 1379 - 1381

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