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Volume 42, Number 6
June 2016

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Original Article

Effect of ICU strain on timing of limitations in life-sustaining therapy and on death

May Hua, Scott D. Halpern, Nicole B. Gabler, Hannah Wunsch
Pages 987 - 994

CAESAR: a new tool to assess relatives’ experience of dying and death in the ICU

Nancy Kentish-Barnes, Valérie Seegers, Stéphane Legriel, Alain Cariou, Samir Jaber, Jean-Yves Lefrant, Bernard Floccard, Anne Renault, Isabelle Vinatier, Armelle Mathonnet, Danielle Reuter, Olivier Guisset, Christophe Cracco, Amélie Seguin, Jacques Durand-Gasselin, Béatrice Éon, Marina Thirion, Jean-Philippe Rigaud, Bénédicte Philippon-Jouve, Laurent Argaud, Renaud Chouquer, Mélanie Adda, Laurent
Pages 995 - 1002

Guidelines for the withdrawal of life-sustaining measures

James Downar, Jesse W. Delaney, Laura Hawryluck, Lisa Kenny
Pages 1003 - 1017

Effect of probiotics on the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia in critically ill patients: a randomized controlled multicenter trial

Juan Zeng, Chun-Ting Wang, Fu-Shen Zhang, Feng Qi, Shi-Fu Wang, Shuang Ma, Tie-Jun Wu, Hui Tian, Zhao-Tao Tian, Shu-Liu Zhang, Yan Qu, Lu-Yi Liu, Yuan-Zhong Li, Song Cui, He-Ling Zhao, Quan-Sheng Du, Zhuang Ma, Chun-Hua Li, Yun Li, Min Si, Yu-Feng Chu, Mei Meng, Hong-Sheng Ren, Ji-Cheng Zhang, Jin-Jiao Jiang, Min Ding, Yu-Ping Wang
Pages 1018 - 1028

Impact of de-escalation of beta-lactam antibiotics on the emergence of antibiotic resistance in ICU patients: a retrospective observational study

Liesbet De Bus, Wouter Denys, Julie Catteeuw, Bram Gadeyne, Karel Vermeulen, Jerina Boelens, Geert Claeys, Jan J. De Waele, Johan Decruyenaere, Pieter O. Depuydt
Pages 1029 - 1039


Comfort and patient-centred care without excessive sedation: the eCASH conceptOpen access

Jean-Louis Vincent, Yahya Shehabi, Timothy S. Walsh, Pratik P. Pandharipande, Jonathan A. Ball, Peter Spronk, Dan Longrois, Thomas Strøm, Giorgio Conti, Georg-Christian Funk, Rafael Badenes, Jean Mantz, Claudia Spies, Jukka Takala
Pages 962 - 971

What's New in Intensive Care

What’s new in myocarditis?

Charles-Edouard Luyt, Guillaume Hékimian, Fredric Ginsberg
Pages 1055 - 1057

What’s new in the diagnostic criteria of disseminated intravascular coagulation?

Satoshi Gando, Ferhat Meziani, Marcel Levi
Pages 1062 - 1064

Understanding the Disease

Understanding abdominal compartment syndrome

J. J. De Waele, I. De laet, M. L. N. G. Malbrain
Pages 1068 - 1070


Addressing uncertainty: what is the role of consensus in end-of-life care?

Ann C. Long, Peter E. Spronk, Charles L. Sprung
Pages 1043 - 1044

Research in Latin America: opportunities and challenges

Elisa Estenssoro, Gilberto Friedman, Glenn Hernández
Pages 1045 - 1047

Early goal-directed therapy: do we have a definitive answer?

Daniel De Backer, Jean-Louis Vincent
Pages 1048 - 1050

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine

Cardiac luxation in ICU after coughing effort following right pneumonectomy

Jean-Michel Maury, Arnaud Pasquer, Catherine Koffel, François Tronc
Pages 1071 - 1072

Acute bioprosthetic mitral valve thrombosis

Ronson Madathil, Kei Togashi, Peter VonHomeyer, Joshua L. Hermsen
Pages 1073 - 1074

Emphysematous pancreatitis

Seiko Hamada, Nobuaki Shime
Pages 1075 - 1075

From the Inside

Anne Marie’s Christmas

Ashok P. Sarnaik, Anne Marie Campbell, Rosemary Campbell
Pages 1076 - 1077


Transcutaneous CO2 monitoring: a new tool to identify spontaneous breathing trial failure during weaning from mechanical ventilation. A pilot cohort study

Juliana Henao-Brasseur, Jérôme Bedel, Gurkan Mutlu, David Grimaldi, François Brasseur, Virginie Laurent, Gilles Troché, Stéphane Legriel, Jean-Pierre Bedos, Benjamin Planquette
Pages 1078 - 1079

Risk of oxalate nephropathy with the use of cyanide antidote hydroxocobalamin in critically ill burn patients

Matthieu Legrand, Thibault Michel, Michel Daudon, Mourad Benyamina, Axelle Ferry, Sabri Soussi, Véronique Maurel, Maïte Chaussard, Marc Chaouat, Maurice Mimoun, Jérôme Verine, Vincent Mallet, Alexandre Mebazaa
Pages 1080 - 1081

PF4-heparin antibodies during ECMO: incidence, course, and outcomes

Florent Laverdure, Virginie Louvain-Quintard, Talna Kortchinsky, Saïda Rezaiguïa-Delclaux, Audrey Imbert, François Stéphan
Pages 1082 - 1083

Effects of magnesium supplementation on the incidence of acute kidney injury in critically ill patients presenting with hypomagnesemia

Elisa Baldessar Barbosa, Cristiane Damiani Tomasi, Danusa de Castro Damasio, Marcelo Vinhas, Bruno Lichtenfels, Vanessa de Luca Francisco, Cassiana Mazon Fraga, Cristiane Ritter, Felipe Dal-Pizzol
Pages 1084 - 1085

BIS monitoring in sedated, mechanically ventilated patients: right tool in the wrong patients? A meta-analysis

Renan Goulart Finger, Cassio Mallmann, Wagner Luis Nedel
Pages 1086 - 1087

Electrical impedance tomography to monitor lung sampling during broncho-alveolar lavage

Domenico Luca Grieco, Benedetta Mura, Alessandra Bisanti, Chiara Tagliaferri, Riccardo Maviglia, Massimo Antonelli
Pages 1088 - 1089

Effects of chest physiotherapy by expiratory flow increase on secretion removal and lung mechanics in ventilated patients: a randomized crossover study

Anne Freynet, Guillaume Gobaille, Olivier Joannes-Boyau, Pierre Grandet, Catherine Fleureau, Jean Ripoche, Antoine Dewitte, Alexandre Ouattara
Pages 1090 - 1091

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