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Original Article

Temporal trends in cardiac arrest incidence and outcome in Finnish intensive care units from 2003 to 2013

I. Efendijev, R. Raj, M. Reinikainen, S. Hoppu, M. B. Skrifvars
Pages 1853 - 1861

Outcome measures report different aspects of patient function three months following critical care

Linda Denehy, Amy Nordon-Craft, Lara Edbrooke, Daniel Malone, Sue Berney, Margaret Schenkman, Marc Moss
Pages 1862 - 1869

Efficiency of gas transfer in venovenous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: analysis of 317 cases with four different ECMO systems

Karla Lehle, Alois Philipp, Karl-Anton Hiller, Florian Zeman, Dirk Buchwald, Christof Schmid, Christian Dornia, Dirk Lunz, Thomas Müller, Matthias Lubnow
Pages 1870 - 1877

Early therapy with IgM-enriched polyclonal immunoglobulin in patients with septic shock

Ilaria Cavazzuti, Giulia Serafini, Stefano Busani, Laura Rinaldi, Emanuela Biagioni, Marta Buoncristiano, Massimo Girardis
Pages 1888 - 1896

Association between intravenous chloride load during resuscitation and in-hospital mortality among patients with SIRSOpen access

Andrew D. Shaw, Karthik Raghunathan, Fred W. Peyerl, Sibyl H. Munson, Scott M. Paluszkiewicz, Carol R. Schermer
Pages 1897 - 1905

Temporal trends in critical events complicating HIV infection: 1999–2010 multicentre cohort study in France

François Barbier, Antoine Roux, Emmanuel Canet, Patricia Martel-Samb, Philippe Aegerter, Michel Wolff, Bertrand Guidet, Élie Azoulay
Pages 1906 - 1915

Risk of bloodstream infection in children admitted to paediatric intensive care units in England and Wales following emergency inter-hospital transferOpen access

Katie Harron, Quen Mok, Roger Parslow, Berit Muller-Pebody, Ruth Gilbert, Padmanabhan Ramnarayan
Pages 1916 - 1923


Sudden death in ICU: the Finnish experience

Alain Cariou, David Bracco, Alain Combes
Pages 1960 - 1962

Treating HSV and CMV reactivations in critically ill patients who are not immunocompromised: pro

Jean-Marie Forel, Ignacio Martin-Loeches, Charles-Edouard Luyt
Pages 1945 - 1949

A revival for immunoglobulin therapy in septic shock?

Julien Textoris, Thierry Calandra, Frédéric Pène
Pages 1957 - 1959

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