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Volume 45, Number 1
January 2019

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Original Article

The effect of local anesthetic continuous wound infusion for the prevention of postoperative pneumonia after on-pump cardiac surgery with sternotomy: the STERNOCAT randomized clinical trial

Julien Amour, Bernard Cholley, Alexandre Ouattara, Dan Longrois, Pascal Leprince, Jean-Luc Fellahi, Bruno Riou, Sarah Hariri, Christian Latrémouille, Alain Rémy, Sophie Provenchère, Aude Carillion, Paul Achouh, Louis Labrousse, Alexy Tran Dinh, Nora Ait Hamou, Ahmed Charfeddine, Alexandre Lafourcade, David Hajage, Adrien Bouglé
Pages 33 - 43

Effect of interplay between age and low-flow duration on neurologic outcomes of extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitationOpen access

Hsi-Yu Yu, Chih-Hsien Wang, Nai-Hsin Chi, Shu-Chien Huang, Heng-Wen Chou, Nai-Kuan Chou, Yih-Sharng Chen
Pages 44 - 54

Prognostic relevance of serum lactate kinetics in critically ill patients

Maryna Masyuk, Bernhard Wernly, Michael Lichtenauer, Marcus Franz, Bjoern Kabisch, Johanna M. Muessig, Georg Zimmermann, Alexander Lauten, P. Christian Schulze, Uta C. Hoppe, Malte Kelm, Jan Bakker, Christian Jung
Pages 55 - 61

Early extubation followed by immediate noninvasive ventilation vs. standard extubation in hypoxemic patients: a randomized clinical trial

Rosanna Vaschetto, Federico Longhini, Paolo Persona, Carlo Ori, Giulia Stefani, Songqiao Liu, Yang Yi, Weihua Lu, Tao Yu, Xiaoming Luo, Rui Tang, Maoqin Li, Jiaqiong Li, Gianmaria Cammarota, Andrea Bruni, Eugenio Garofalo, Zhaochen Jin, Jun Yan, Ruiqiang Zheng, Jingjing Yin, Stefania Guido, Francesco Della Corte, Tiziano Fontana, Cesare Gregoretti, Andrea Cortegiani, Antonino Giarratano, Claudia M
Pages 62 - 71


Academic conflict of interest

Djillali Annane, Nicolas Lerolle, Sylvain Meuris, Jean Sibilla, Keith M. Olsen
Pages 13 - 20

Systematic Review

What's New in Intensive Care

Scorpion envenomation: from a neglected to a helpful disease?

Fekri Abroug, Lamia Ouanes-Besbes, Slah Bouchoucha
Pages 72 - 74

What’s new in severe pulmonary embolism?

Nadia Aissaoui, Stavros Konstantinides, Guy Meyer
Pages 75 - 77

Long-term impact of sepsis on cardiovascular health

R. T. Mankowski, S. Yende, D. C. Angus
Pages 78 - 81

The ten pitfalls of lactate clearance in sepsisOpen access

Glenn Hernandez, Rinaldo Bellomo, Jan Bakker
Pages 82 - 85

Paediatric acute kidney injury: can we match therapy with resources around the world?

Akash Deep, Jordan M. Symons, Mignon McCulloch
Pages 86 - 88

Ten things ICU specialists need to know about direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs)

Jakob Stensballe, Morten Hylander Møller
Pages 89 - 92

Understanding the Disease

Understanding central nervous system efficacy of antimicrobials

Pierre Tattevin, Tom Solomon, Matthijs C. Brouwer
Pages 93 - 96


“What’s new?”

Peter Pickkers, Tom van der Poll
Pages 110 - 112

Lactate kinetics in critically ill: a new prognostic marker or just another brick in the wall?

Guillaume Geri, Glenn Hernandez, Antoine Vieillard-Baron
Pages 113 - 114

Is research from databases reliable? No

Anders Perner, Rinaldo Bellomo, Morten Hylander Møller
Pages 115 - 117

Is research from databases reliable? Yes

Jean-Francois Timsit, Jerome Aboab, Jean-Jacques Parienti
Pages 118 - 121

Is research from databases reliable? Not sure

Meri R. J. Varkila, Olaf L. Cremer
Pages 122 - 124

In memoriam: Philippe Biderman

Sharon Einav, Oded Sold
Pages 141 - 142

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine

Plateau and driving pressure in the presence of spontaneous breathing

Giacomo Bellani, Alice Grassi, Simone Sosio, Giuseppe Foti
Pages 97 - 98

A case of acute respiratory distress syndrome with sixth cranial nerve palsy

Clément Brault, Alexandre Candellier, Yoann Zerbib, Julien Maizel
Pages 99 - 100

A picture’s worth a thousand words: speckle tracking for quantification and assessment of lung sliding

Gary Duclos, Laurent Muller, Marc Leone, Laurent Zieleskiewicz
Pages 101 - 102

From the Inside

The man from room number seven

Glenn Hernández, Eyleen Llewelyn, Ricardo Castro
Pages 103 - 104

Her ICU bed

Han Yan, Keegan Guidolin
Pages 105 - 105


Will your patient benefit from palliative care? A multicenter exploratory survey about the acceptance of trigger factors for palliative care consultations among ICU physicians

Kathrin Adler, Daniel Schlieper, Detlef Kindgen-Milles, Stefan Meier, Manuela Schallenburger, Timur Sellmann, Heidrun Schwager, Jacqueline Schwartz, Martin Neukirchen
Pages 125 - 127

Persistence of piperacillin concentrations after treatment discontinuation: in cauda venenum?

J. De Waele, C. Van Eeckhout, P. Vanhaelewyn, M. Carlier, A. G. Verstraete, V. Stove
Pages 130 - 131

Conference Reports and Expert Panel



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