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Volume 43, Number 4
April 2017

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Seven-Day Profile Publication

Effect of a condolence letter on grief symptoms among relatives of patients who died in the ICU: a randomized clinical trial

Nancy Kentish-Barnes, Sylvie Chevret, Benoît Champigneulle, Marina Thirion, Virginie Souppart, Marion Gilbert, Olivier Lesieur, Anne Renault, Maïté Garrouste-Orgeas, Laurent Argaud, Marion Venot, Alexandre Demoule, Olivier Guisset, Isabelle Vinatier, Gilles Troché, Julien Massot, Samir Jaber, Caroline Bornstain, Véronique Gaday, René Robert, Jean-Philippe Rigaud, Raphaël Cinotti, Mélanie Adda, Fra
Pages 473 - 484

Original Article

Targeted temperature management after intraoperative cardiac arrest: a multicenter retrospective study

Anne-Laure Constant, Nicolas Mongardon, Quentin Morelot, Nicolas Pichon, David Grimaldi, Lauriane Bordenave, Alexis Soummer, Bertrand Sauneuf, Sybille Merceron, Sylvie Ricome, Benoit Misset, Cedric Bruel, David Schnell, Julie Boisramé-Helms, Etienne Dubuisson, Jennifer Brunet, Sigismond Lasocki, Pierrick Cronier, Belaid Bouhemad, Serge Carreira, Emmanuelle Begot, Benoit Vandenbunder, Gilles Dhonne
Pages 485 - 495

Clinical characteristics and predictors of mortality in cirrhotic patients with candidemia and intra-abdominal candidiasis: a multicenter study

Matteo Bassetti, Maddalena Peghin, Alessia Carnelutti, Elda Righi, Maria Merelli, Filippo Ansaldi, Cecilia Trucchi, Cristiano Alicino, Assunta Sartor, Pierluigi Toniutto, Joost Wauters, Wim Laleman, Carlo Tascini, Francesco Menichetti, Roberto Luzzati, Pierluigi Brugnaro, Alessio Mesini, Stefania Raviolo, Francesco G. De Rosa, Leonel Lagunes, Jordi Rello, George Dimopoulos, Arnaldo L. Colombo, Mar
Pages 509 - 518


Sepsis: frontiers in supportive care, organisation and research

Anders Perner, Andrew Rhodes, Bala Venkatesh, Derek C. Angus, Ignacio Martin-loeches, Jean-Charles Preiser, Jean-Louis Vincent, John Marshall, Konrad Reinhart, Michael Joannidis, Steven M. Opal
Pages 496 - 508

Extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal (ECCO2R) in patients with acute respiratory failure

Andrea Morelli, Lorenzo Del Sorbo, Antonio Pesenti, V. Marco Ranieri, Eddy Fan
Pages 519 - 530

Systematic Review

Factors influencing physical activity and rehabilitation in survivors of critical illness: a systematic review of quantitative and qualitative studies

Selina M. Parry, Laura D. Knight, Bronwen Connolly, Claire Baldwin, Zudin Puthucheary, Peter Morris, Jessica Mortimore, Nicholas Hart, Linda Denehy, Catherine L. Granger
Pages 531 - 542

What's New in Intensive Care

What’s new in refractory status epilepticus?

Stephane Legriel, Mauro Oddo, Gretchen M. Brophy
Pages 543 - 546

A plan for improving the humanisation of intensive care units

Gabriel Heras La Calle, Ángela Alonso Oviés, Vicente Gómez Tello
Pages 547 - 549

New developments in the provision of family-centered care in the intensive care unitOpen access

Rik T. Gerritsen, Christiane S. Hartog, J. Randall Curtis
Pages 550 - 553

Understanding the Disease

Lung–brain cross talk in the critically ill

Lluis Blanch, Michael Quintel
Pages 557 - 559


Intensive Care Medicine in 2050: toward an intensive care unit without waste

George L. Anesi, Jason Wagner, Scott D. Halpern
Pages 554 - 556

Will all ARDS patients be receiving mechanical ventilation in 2035? Yes

Ignacio Martin-Loeches, Lieuwe D. Bos, Ewan C. Goligher
Pages 568 - 569

Will all ARDS patients be receiving mechanical ventilation in 2035? No

Matthieu Schmidt, Peter M. Spieth, Alberto Zanella
Pages 570 - 572

Will all ARDS patients be receiving mechanical ventilation in 2035? We are not sure

Michael Quintel, Tommaso Tonetti, Luciano Gattinoni
Pages 573 - 574

Mechanism of ICU-acquired weakness: muscle contractility in critical illness

Jane Batt, Sunita Mathur, Hans D. Katzberg
Pages 584 - 586

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine

Bedside multimodal imaging of hemidiaphragm palsy after spinal cord injury

M. Pozzi, G. Bellani, A. Bronco, G. Citerio
Pages 562 - 563

Steeple sign and narrowed upper airway in an influenza patient

Yohei Komaru, Ryota Inokuchi
Pages 564 - 565

From the Inside


Effect of end-inspiratory plateau pressure duration on driving pressure

M. Mezidi, H. Yonis, M. Aublanc, F. Lissonde, A. Louf-Durier, S. Perinel, R. Tapponnier, J.-C. Richard, Claude Guérin
Pages 587 - 589

Family care, visiting policies, ICU performance, and efficiency in resource use: insights from the ORCHESTRA study

Marcio Soares, Ulysses V. A. Silva, Walter S. Homena Jr., Guilherme C. Fernandes, Ana Paula P. De Moraes, Leonardo Brauer, Mariza F. Lima, Fernando V. De Marco, Fernando A. Bozza, Jorge I. F. Salluh
Pages 590 - 591

Right–left ventricular interdependence: a promising predictor of successful extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) weaning after assistance for refractory cardiogenic shock

Nadia Aissaoui, Julia Caudron, Pascal Leprince, Jean-Yves Fagon, Guillaume Lebreton, Alain Combes, Benoit Diebold
Pages 592 - 594

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