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Type III procollagen is a reliable marker of ARDS-associated lung fibroproliferation

Jean-Marie Forel, Christophe Guervilly, Sami Hraiech, François Voillet, Guillemette Thomas, Claude Somma, Véronique Secq, Catherine Farnarier, Marie-Josée Payan, Stéphanie-Yannis Donati, Gilles Perrin, Delphine Trousse, Stéphanie Dizier, Laurent Chiche, Karine Baumstarck, Antoine Roch, Laurent Papazian
Pages 1 - 11

The association between hyperoxia and patient outcomes after cardiac arrest: analysis of a high-resolution database

Jonathan Elmer, Michael Scutella, Raghevesh Pullalarevu, Bo Wang, Nishit Vaghasia, Stephen Trzeciak, Bedda L. Rosario-Rivera, Francis X. Guyette, Jon C. Rittenberger, Cameron Dezfulian
Pages 49 - 57

Is there a role for physician involvement in introducing research to surrogate decision makers in the intensive care unit? (The Approach trial: a pilot mixed methods study)

K. E. A. Burns, L. Rizvi, O. M. Smith, Y. Lee, J. Lee, M. Wang, M. Brown, M. Parker, A. Premji, D. Leung, M. Hammond Mobilio, L. Gotlib-Conn, R. Nisenbaum, M. Santos, Y. Li, S. Mehta
Pages 58 - 67

Failure of renal biomarkers to predict worsening renal function in high-risk patients presenting with oliguria

Matthieu Legrand, Aurélien Jacquemod, Etienne Gayat, Corinne Collet, Veronique Giraudeaux, Jean-Marie Launay, Didier Payen
Pages 68 - 76

Thromboelastography in patients with severe sepsis: a prospective cohort study

Nicolai Haase, Sisse Rye Ostrowski, Jørn Wetterslev, Theis Lange, Morten Hylander Møller, Hamid Tousi, Morten Steensen, Frank Pott, Peter Søe-Jensen, Jonas Nielsen, Peter Buhl Hjortrup, Pär Ingemar Johansson, Anders Perner
Pages 77 - 85

Diagnostic accuracy of SeptiFast multi-pathogen real-time PCR in the setting of suspected healthcare-associated bloodstream infection

Geoffrey Warhurst, Satanayarana Maddi, Graham Dunn, Murad Ghrew, Paul Chadwick, Peter Alexander, Andrew Bentley, John Moore, Michael Sharman, Gordon L. Carlson, Duncan Young, Paul Dark
Pages 86 - 93

Linezolid plasma and intrapulmonary concentrations in critically ill obese patients with ventilator-associated pneumonia: intermittent vs continuous administration

Gennaro De Pascale, Serena Fortuna, Mario Tumbarello, Salvatore Lucio Cutuli, MariaSole Vallecoccia, Teresa Spanu, Giuseppe Bello, Luca Montini, Mariano Alberto Pennisi, Pierluigi Navarra, Massimo Antonelli
Pages 103 - 110


Biology and pathology of fibroproliferation following the acute respiratory distress syndrome

Carolyn M. Hendrickson, Bruno Crestani, Michael A. Matthay
Pages 147 - 150

Evaluation of 7.5 years of Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines

Jan Bakker, Anders Perner, Jean-François Timsit
Pages 151 - 153

Nutrition in the ICU: proof of the pudding is in the tasting

Pierre Singer, Jonathan Cohen
Pages 154 - 156

Continuous administration of linezolid in pneumonia: what is the level of proof?

Olivier Mimoz, Philippe Montravers, José-Artur Paiva
Pages 157 - 159

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