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Surviving Sepsis Campaign: association between performance metrics and outcomes in a 7.5-year study

Mitchell M. Levy, Andrew Rhodes, Gary S. Phillips, Sean R. Townsend, Christa A. Schorr, Richard Beale, Tiffany Osborn, Stanley Lemeshow, Jean-Daniel Chiche, Antonio Artigas, R. Phillip Dellinger
Pages 1623 - 1633

The assessment of transpulmonary pressure in mechanically ventilated ARDS patients

Davide Chiumello, Massimo Cressoni, Andrea Colombo, Giovanni Babini, Matteo Brioni, Francesco Crimella, Stefan Lundin, Ola Stenqvist, Luciano Gattinoni
Pages 1670 - 1678

Comparison of two repositioning schedules for the prevention of pressure ulcers in patients on mechanical ventilation with alternating pressure air mattresses

Francisco Manzano, Manuel Colmenero, Ana María Pérez-Pérez, Delphine Roldán, María del Mar Jiménez-Quintana, María Reyes Mañas, María Angustias Sánchez-Moya, Carmen Guerrero, María Ángeles Moral-Marfil, Emilio Sánchez-Cantalejo, Enrique Fernández-Mondéjar
Pages 1679 - 1687

Quality of dying in the ICU: is it worse for patients admitted from the hospital ward compared to those admitted from the emergency department?

Ann C. Long, Erin K. Kross, Ruth A. Engelberg, Lois Downey, Elizabeth L. Nielsen, Anthony L. Back, J. Randall Curtis
Pages 1688 - 1697

PROF-ETEV study: prophylaxis of venous thromboembolic disease in critical care units in Spain

Pablo García-Olivares, Jose Eugenio Guerrero, Pedro Galdos, Demetrio Carriedo, Francisco Murillo, Antonio Rivera
Pages 1698 - 1708


Echography is mandatory for the initial management of critically ill patients: Yes

Anthony McLean, Massimo Lamperti, Jan Poelaert
Pages 1763 - 1765

Echography is mandatory for the initial management of critically ill patients: No

Giovanni Volpicelli, Martin Balik, Dimitris Georgopoulos
Pages 1766 - 1768

Predictors of difficult intubation in ICU: are children and adults alike?

Audrey De Jong, Arun K. Baranwal, Samir Jaber
Pages 1769 - 1771

Big babies and big adults surprise us by their outcomes: why?

Andrew C. Argent, Simon Nadel
Pages 1772 - 1774

Tell me where the patient comes from

Rene Robert, Leif Saager
Pages 1775 - 1777

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