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Volume 45, Number 2
February 2019

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The diagnostic accuracy of clinical examination for estimating cardiac index in critically ill patients: the Simple Intensive Care Studies-IOpen access

Bart Hiemstra, Geert Koster, Renske Wiersema, Yoran M. Hummel, Pim van der Harst, Harold Snieder, Ruben J. Eck, Thomas Kaufmann, Thomas W. L. Scheeren, Anders Perner, Jørn Wetterslev, Anne Marie G. A. de Smet, Frederik Keus, Iwan C. C. van der Horst
Pages 190 - 200

Influence of the initial level of consciousness on early, goal-directed mobilization: a post hoc analysis

Stefan J. Schaller, Flora T. Scheffenbichler, Somnath Bose, Nicole Mazwi, Hao Deng, Franziska Krebs, Christian L. Seifert, George Kasotakis, Stephanie D. Grabitz, Nicola Latronico, Timothy Houle, Manfred Blobner, Matthias Eikermann
Pages 201 - 210

A multicentre controlled pre–post trial of an implementation science intervention to improve venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in critically ill patients

Henry T. Stelfox, Rebecca Brundin-Mather, Andrea Soo, Jeanna Parsons Leigh, Daniel J. Niven, Kirsten M. Fiest, Christopher James Doig, Danny J. Zuege, Barry Kushner, Fiona Clement, Sharon E. Straus, Deborah J. Cook, Sean M. Bagshaw, Khara M. Sauro
Pages 211 - 222

Tailored multicomponent program for discomfort reduction in critically ill patients may decrease post-traumatic stress disorder in general ICU survivors at 1 year

Pierre Kalfon, Marine Alessandrini, Mohamed Boucekine, Stéphanie Renoult, Marie-Agnès Geantot, Stéphanie Deparis-Dusautois, Audrey Berric, Olivier Collange, Bernard Floccard, Olivier Mimoz, Amour Julien, René Robert, Juliette Audibert, Anne Renault, Arnaud Follin, Didier Thevenin, Nathalie Revel, Marion Venot, René-Gilles Patrigeon, Thomas Signouret, Mélanie Fromentin, Tarek Sharshar, Coralie Vign
Pages 223 - 235


Challenges in severe community-acquired pneumonia: a point-of-view review

Antoni Torres, James D. Chalmers, Charles S. Dela Cruz, Cristina Dominedò, Marin Kollef, Ignacio Martin-Loeches, Michael Niederman, Richard G. Wunderink
Pages 159 - 171

Rationalizing antimicrobial therapy in the ICU: a narrative review

Jean-François Timsit, Matteo Bassetti, Olaf Cremer, George Daikos, Jan de Waele, Andre Kallil, Eric Kipnis, Marin Kollef, Kevin Laupland, Jose-Artur Paiva, Jesús Rodríguez-Baño, Étienne Ruppé, Jorge Salluh, Fabio Silvio Taccone, Emmanuel Weiss, François Barbier
Pages 172 - 189

Systematic Review

Stress ulcer prophylaxis with proton pump inhibitors or histamin-2 receptor antagonists in adult intensive care patients: a systematic review with meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis

Marija Barbateskovic, Søren Marker, Anders Granholm, Carl Thomas Anthon, Mette Krag, Janus Christian Jakobsen, Anders Perner, Jørn Wetterslev, Morten Hylander Møller
Pages 143 - 158

What's New in Intensive Care

Hemoadsorption with CytoSorb®

Elettra C. Poli, Thomas Rimmelé, Antoine G. Schneider
Pages 236 - 239

Future of the ICU: finding treatable needles in the data haystack

Lieuwe D. J. Bos, Elie Azoulay, Ignacio Martin-Loeches
Pages 240 - 242

Infectious diseases: the 10 common truths I never believed

Jordi Rello, Emine Alp, Kalwaje Eshwara Vandana
Pages 243 - 245

The challenge of local consent requirements for global critical care databases

Stuart McLennan, David Shaw, Leo Anthony Celi
Pages 246 - 248

Frugal innovation for critical care

Armand Mekontso Dessap
Pages 252 - 254

Understanding the Disease

Understanding hypoxemia on ECCO2R: back to the alveolar gas equation

Jean-Luc Diehl, Alain Mercat, Antonio Pesenti
Pages 255 - 256


Clinical examination: a trigger but not a substitute for hemodynamic evaluation

Daniel De Backer, Antoine Vieillard-Baron
Pages 269 - 271

Is chloride worth its salt?

Scott L. Weiss, Franz E. Babl, Stuart R. Dalziel, Fran Balamuth
Pages 275 - 277

Cardiac arrest, gender and resuscitation outcomes

Yigal Helviz, Marcus Ong, Sharon Einav
Pages 278 - 281

Oxygen and carbon dioxide targets during and after resuscitation of cardiac arrest patients

M. B. Skrifvars, T. M. Olasveengen, Giuseppe Ristagno
Pages 284 - 286

Physiological interventions in cardiac arrest: passing the pilot phaseOpen access

Niklas Nielsen, Alain Cariou, Christian Hassager
Pages 287 - 289

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine

Cerebral fat embolism after intraosseous infusion

Faten May, Jérôme Hodel, Armand Mekontso Dessap, Keyvan Razazi
Pages 257 - 258

The accidental discovery of a tracheal diverticulum

Rosanna Varutti, Fabio Rosa, Umberto Zuccon, Flavio Bassi
Pages 259 - 260

The ‘blinking frog’ ultrasound sign establishes the presence of pretracheal vasculatureOpen access

Pieter R. Tuinman, David van Westerloo, Stefanie Slot, Hugo R. W. Touw
Pages 261 - 262

Blindness as an uncommon complication of Streptococcus pneumoniae systemic infection

R. Clere-Jehl, H. Merdji, D. Derhy, J. Helms
Pages 263 - 265

From the Inside

This is not a drill

Luca Carenzo
Pages 266 - 268


Mechanism of airway closure in acute respiratory distress syndrome: a possible role of surfactant depletion

Remi Coudroy, Cong Lu, Lu Chen, Alexandre Demoule, Laurent Brochard
Pages 290 - 291

Small-bowel capsule endoscopy for obscure gastrointestinal bleeding in the ICU

Jacques Boutros, Sarah Leblanc, Frédéric Pène
Pages 295 - 298


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