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Volume 45, Number 4
April 2019

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Original Article

Nasal high-flow preoxygenation for endotracheal intubation in the critically ill patient: a randomized clinical trial

Christophe Guitton, Stephan Ehrmann, Christelle Volteau, Gwenhael Colin, Adel Maamar, Vanessa Jean-Michel, Pierre-Joachim Mahe, Mickael Landais, Noelle Brule, Cedric Bretonnière, Olivier Zambon, Mickael Vourc’h
Pages 447 - 458

The prevalence of perceptions of mismatch between treatment intensity and achievable goals of care in the intensive care unit: a cross-sectional study

Matthew H. Anstey, Edward Litton, Michelle L. Trevenen, Kelly Thompson, Steve Webb, Ian Seppelt, Imogen A. Mitchell
Pages 459 - 467

Fever control in critically ill adults. An individual patient data meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

Paul J. Young, Rinaldo Bellomo, Gordon R. Bernard, Daniel J. Niven, Frederique Schortgen, Manoj Saxena, Richard Beasley, Mark Weatherall
Pages 468 - 476

Extended-duration betrixaban versus shorter-duration enoxaparin for venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in critically ill medical patients: an APEX trial substudy

Gerald Chi, C. Michael Gibson, Arzu Kalayci, Alexander T. Cohen, Adrian F. Hernandez, Russell D. Hull, Farima Kahe, Mehrian Jafarizade, Sadaf Sharfaei, Yuyin Liu, Robert A. Harrington, Samuel Z. Goldhaber
Pages 477 - 487

Structural differences in the diaphragm of patients following controlled vs assisted and spontaneous mechanical ventilation

J. Marin-Corral, I. Dot, M. Boguña, L. Cecchini, A. Zapatero, M. P. Gracia, S. Pascual-Guardia, C. Vilà, A. Castellví, P. Pérez-Terán, J. Gea, J. R. Masclans
Pages 488 - 500


Challenges in the management of septic shock: a narrative review

Daniel De Backer, Maurizio Cecconi, Jeffrey Lipman, Flavia Machado, Sheila Nainan Myatra, Marlies Ostermann, Anders Perner, Jean-Louis Teboul, Jean-Louis Vincent, Keith R. Walley
Pages 420 - 433

Ultrasound-guided vascular access in critical illness

G. A. Schmidt, M. Blaivas, S. A. Conrad, F. Corradi, S. Koenig, M. Lamperti, B. Saugel, W. Schummer, M. Slama
Pages 434 - 446

Systematic Review

Acute kidney injury in trauma patients admitted to the ICU: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Signe Søvik, Marie Susanna Isachsen, Kine Marie Nordhuus, Christine Kooy Tveiten, Torsten Eken, Kjetil Sunde, Kjetil Gundro Brurberg, Sigrid Beitland
Pages 407 - 419

What's New in Intensive Care

Does this critically ill patient with delirium require any drug treatment?

Jorge I. F. Salluh, Nicola Latronico
Pages 501 - 504

Intensive care medicine in 2050: preventing harm

Chris Beet, Dominique Benoit, Julian Bion
Pages 505 - 507

What’s new in lung ultrasound in the critically ill or injured child

Philippe Durand, Daniele De Luca, Pierre Tissieres
Pages 508 - 511

What’s new on emerging resistant Candida species

Andrea Cortegiani, Giovanni Misseri, Anuradha Chowdhary
Pages 512 - 515

Understanding the Disease

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) phenotyping

M. Shankar-Hari, E. Fan, N. D. Ferguson
Pages 516 - 519


Nasal high-flow preoxygenation for endotracheal intubation in the critically ill patient? Con

Jean-Luc Hanouz, Jean Louis Gérard, Marc Olivier Fischer
Pages 526 - 528

Guiding ventilation with transpulmonary pressure

Takeshi Yoshida, Domenico Luca Grieco, Laurent Brochard
Pages 535 - 538

Focus on improved patient management

Katerina Rusinova, Michael Darmon
Pages 539 - 541

10 myths about frusemide

Michael Joannidis, Sebastian J. Klein, Marlies Ostermann
Pages 545 - 548

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine

Obstructive renal failure as a complication of anticoagulant therapy

Jimena Lujan Varas, Guillermo Morales Varas, Amparo Paredes Sánchez
Pages 520 - 520

Post-intubation tracheal laceration

Gustavo Nobre de Jesus, Francisco Freitas, Susana M. Fernandes, António Alvarez
Pages 521 - 522

Nasogastric tube ending in the right pleura of an intubated patient

Maria Paparoupa, Yujin Yan, Michael Möller, Frank Schuppert
Pages 523 - 524

Unusual presentation of emphysematous pyelonephritis

Sonu Sama, Nilesh Chandra
Pages 525 - 525

From the Inside

An intensive midsummer night’s dream

Filippo Vitale, Cesare Gregoretti, Antonino Giarratano, Andrea Cortegiani
Pages 552 - 556


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