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Volume 44, Number 2
February 2018

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Original Article

Limited value of end-expiratory inferior vena cava diameter to predict fluid responsiveness impact of intra-abdominal pressure

Antoine Vieillard-Baron, Bruno Evrard, Xavier Repessé, Julien Maizel, Christophe Jacob, Marine Goudelin, Cyril Charron, Gwenaël Prat, Michel Slama, Guillaume Geri, Philippe Vignon
Pages 197 - 203

Systematic Review

Polymyxin B-immobilized hemoperfusion and mortality in critically ill adult patients with sepsis/septic shock: a systematic review with meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis

Tomoko Fujii, Riki Ganeko, Yuki Kataoka, Toshi A. Furukawa, Robin Featherstone, Kent Doi, Jean-Louis Vincent, Daniela Pasero, René Robert, Claudio Ronco, Sean M. Bagshaw
Pages 167 - 178

Effects of shorter versus longer storage time of transfused red blood cells in adult ICU patients: a systematic review with meta-analysis and Trial Sequential Analysis

Sofie L. Rygård, Andreas B. Jonsson, Martin B. Madsen, Anders Perner, Lars B. Holst, Pär I. Johansson, Jørn Wetterslev
Pages 204 - 217

What's New in Intensive Care

What works in paediatric CPR?

Sophie Skellett, Dominique Biarent, Vinay Nadkarni
Pages 223 - 226

Fever control

Paul J. Young, Niklas Nielsen, Manoj Saxena
Pages 227 - 230

Understanding the Disease

Understanding hepatic encephalopathy

Nicolas Weiss, Rajiv Jalan, Dominique Thabut
Pages 231 - 234


The CVC and CRBSI: don’t use it and lose it!

K. B. Laupland, D. Koulenti, C. Schwebel
Pages 238 - 240

Prone position in ARDS: a simple maneuver still underused

Davide Chiumello, Silvia Coppola, Sara Froio
Pages 241 - 243

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine

When acrocyanosis in intensive care unit is not due to vasopressor support

Catarina Nunes, Rosa Carvalho, Luís Ribeiro, Luís Lencastre
Pages 244 - 245

Acute respiratory failure from esophageal dilatation

Anita Orlando, Silvia Mongodi, Isabella Maria Bianchi, Francesco Mojoli
Pages 246 - 248

Massive air embolism in the abdominal aorta

Philippe Devos, Denis Brisbois, Pierre Demaret, Eric Thiry
Pages 249 - 250

Diagnosing catheter associated blood-stream infection by transesophageal echocardiogram

Shek Yin Au, Ka Man Fong, Ka Lee Lily Chan, Kai Cheuk Sin
Pages 251 - 251


Status quo of delirium management in German-speaking countries: comparison between intensive care units and wards

Susanne Krotsetis, Peter Nydahl, Rolf Dubb, Carsten Hermes, Arnold Kaltwasser, Rebecca von Haken
Pages 252 - 253

Early oseltamivir therapy improves the outcome in critically ill patients with influenza: a propensity analysis

Romain Hernu, Tomasz Chroboczek, Thomas Madelaine, Jean-Sebastien Casalegno, Bruno Lina, Martin Cour, Laurent Argaud
Pages 257 - 260

Potential role of IgM-enriched immunoglobulin as adjuvant treatment for invasive meningococcal disease

Carlo Tascini, Fiorentino Fraganza, Francesca Salani, Emanuela Sozio, Marco Rossi, Francesco Sbrana, Novella Carannante, Maria Daniela Chiesa, Andrea Ripoli, Giacomo Bertolino, Massimo Di Pietro, Alessandro Bartoloni, Francesco Menichetti
Pages 261 - 262

Upper and lower limb muscle atrophy in critically ill patients: an observational ultrasonography studyOpen access

Nobuto Nakanishi, Jun Oto, Rie Tsutsumi, Marina Iuchi, Mutsuo Onodera, Masaji Nishimura
Pages 263 - 264

Lack of concordance between ECDC and CDC systems for surveillance of ventilator associated pneumonia

Thomas H. Craven, Gosha Wojcik, Jodie McCoubrey, Odette Brooks, Esther Grant, Jacqui Reilly, Ian F. Laurenson, Kallirroi Kefala, Timothy S. Walsh
Pages 265 - 266

High prevalence of sleep apnea syndrome in patients admitted to ICU for acute hypercapnic respiratory failure: a preliminary study

Arnaud W. Thille, Ana Córdoba-Izquierdo, Bernard Maitre, Laurent Boyer, Laurent Brochard, Xavier Drouot
Pages 267 - 269

Is ticagrelor safe in intensive care unit patients? Focus on bradycardic events

Xavier Valette, Suzanne Goursaud, Joachim Alexandre, Maxime Leclerc, Vincent Roule, Farzin Beygui, Damien du Cheyron
Pages 270 - 271

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