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Volume 41, Number 12
December 2015

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Seven-Day Profile Publication

Very high volume hemofiltration with the Cascade system in septic shock patients

Jean-Pierre Quenot, Christine Binquet, Christophe Vinsonneau, Saber-David Barbar, Sandrine Vinault, Valerie Deckert, Stéphanie Lemaire, Ali Ait Hassain, Rémi Bruyère, Bertrand Souweine, Laurent Lagrost, Christophe Adrie
Pages 2111 - 2120

Inhaled nitric oxide for acute chest syndrome in adult sickle cell patients: a randomized controlled study

B. Maitre, M. Djibre, S. Katsahian, A. Habibi, K. Stankovic Stojanovic, M. Khellaf, I. Bourgeon, F. Lionnet, A. Charles-Nelson, L. Brochard, F. Lemaire, F. Galacteros, C. Brun-Buisson, M. Fartoukh, A. Mekontso Dessap
Pages 2121 - 2129

Original Article

Benzodiazepine-associated delirium in critically ill adults

Irene J. Zaal, John W. Devlin, Marijn Hazelbag, Peter M. C. Klein Klouwenberg, Arendina W. van der Kooi, David S. Y. Ong, Olaf L. Cremer, Rolf H. Groenwold, Arjen J. C. Slooter
Pages 2130 - 2137

Predictive value for weakness and 1-year mortality of screening electrophysiology tests in the ICU

Greet Hermans, Helena Van Mechelen, Frans Bruyninckx, Tine Vanhullebusch, Beatrix Clerckx, Philippe Meersseman, Yves Debaveye, Michael P. Casaer, Alexander Wilmer, Pieter J. Wouters, Ilse Vanhorebeek, Rik Gosselink, Greet Van den Berghe
Pages 2138 - 2148

Organizational characteristics, outcomes, and resource use in 78 Brazilian intensive care units: the ORCHESTRA study

Marcio Soares, Fernando A. Bozza, Derek C. Angus, André M. Japiassú, William N. Viana, Roberto Costa, Leonardo Brauer, Bruno F. Mazza, Thiago D. Corrêa, André L. B. Nunes, Thiago Lisboa, Fernando Colombari, Alexandre T. Maciel, Luciano C. P. Azevedo, Moyzés Damasceno, Haggeas S. Fernandes, Alexandre B. Cavalcanti, Pedro E. A. A. do Brasil, Jeremy M. Kahn, Jorge I. F. Salluh
Pages 2149 - 2160


Systematic Review

Effects of packed red blood cell storage duration on post-transfusion clinical outcomes: a meta-analysis and systematic review

Monica Suet Ying Ng, Angela Suet Yeung Ng, Jessica Chan, John-Paul Tung, John Francis Fraser
Pages 2087 - 2097

Citrate versus heparin anticoagulation for continuous renal replacement therapy: an updated meta-analysis of RCTs

Ming Bai, Meilan Zhou, Lijie He, Feng Ma, Yangping Li, Yan Yu, Pengbo Wang, Li Li, Rui Jing, Lijuan Zhao, Shiren Sun
Pages 2098 - 2110

What's New in Intensive Care

Why is Acinetobacter baumannii a problem for critically ill patients?

Marin H. Kollef, Michael S. Niederman
Pages 2170 - 2172

Ten practical strategies for effective communication with relatives of ICU patients

Stephen Warrillow, KJ Farley, Daryl Jones
Pages 2173 - 2176

What’s new in vasopressin?

D. J. P. O’Callaghan, Anthony C. Gordon
Pages 2177 - 2179

Intensive care medicine curricula in Europe: docendo discimus

Lara Prisco, Katia Donadello, Stephen J. Shepherd
Pages 2180 - 2183

Understanding the Disease

Understanding lung protection

Rolf D. Hubmayr, Sonal Pannu
Pages 2184 - 2186


Post-resuscitation care: ERC–ESICM guidelines 2015

Jerry P. Nolan, Alain Cariou
Pages 2204 - 2206

The road forward in the management of Acinetobacter infections in the ICU

Michael S. Niederman, Marin H. Kollef
Pages 2207 - 2209

Chasing the elusive notion of delirium causality

Dr Yoanna Skrobik
Pages 2216 - 2217

Protocols: help for improvement but beware of regression to the mean and mediocrity

Armand R. J. Girbes, René Robert, Paul E. Marik
Pages 2218 - 2220

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine

A large pediculated moving mass in the left atrium

R. Vergier, P. Issaurat, S. Aubert, P. Estagnasie
Pages 2187 - 2188

Large pleural effusion leading to cardiac tamponade

Raphaël Giraud, Carlo Banfi, Karim Bendjelid
Pages 2191 - 2192

From the Inside

‘I just have admitted an interesting sepsis’. Do we dehumanize our patients?

Erwin J. O. Kompanje, Margo M. van Mol, Marjan D. Nijkamp
Pages 2193 - 2194


A newly established extracorporeal life support assisted cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ECPR) program can achieve intact neurological outcome in 60 % of children

Adrian C. Mattke, Christian F. Stocker, Andreas Schibler, Nelson Alphonso, Kerry Johnson, Tom R. Karl
Pages 2227 - 2228

Early daily mHLA-DR monitoring predicts forthcoming sepsis in severe trauma patients

Aurélie Gouel-Chéron, Bernard Allaouchiche, Bernard Floccard, Thomas Rimmelé, Guillaume Monneret
Pages 2229 - 2230

Impact of multifaceted preventive measures on ventilator-associated pneumonia at a single surgical centre

Priyam Batra, Purva Mathur, Nibu V. John, Sunita A. Nair, Richa Aggarwal, Kapil Dev Soni, Ashish Bindra, Keshav Goyal, Mahesh C. Misra
Pages 2231 - 2232

The state of critical care nursing education in Europe: an international surveyOpen access

Ruth Endacott, Christina Jones, Melissa J. Bloomer, Carole Boulanger, Maureen Ben Nun, Katerina K. lliopoulou, Ingrid Egerod, Stijn Blot
Pages 2237 - 2240

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