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Volume 43, Number 8
August 2017

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Original Article

Potentially modifiable factors contributing to sepsis-associated encephalopathy

Romain Sonneville, Etienne de Montmollin, Julien Poujade, Maïté Garrouste-Orgeas, Bertrand Souweine, Michael Darmon, Eric Mariotte, Laurent Argaud, François Barbier, Dany Goldgran-Toledano, Guillaume Marcotte, Anne-Sylvie Dumenil, Samir Jamali, Guillaume Lacave, Stéphane Ruckly, Bruno Mourvillier, Jean-François Timsit
Pages 1075 - 1084

Peripherally inserted central catheters are associated with lower risk of bloodstream infection compared with central venous catheters in paediatric intensive care patients: a propensity-adjusted analysis

Ricardo Silveira Yamaguchi, Danilo Teixeira Noritomi, Natalia Viu Degaspare, Gabriela Ortega Cisternas Muñoz, Ana Paula Matos Porto, Silvia Figueiredo Costa, Otavio T. Ranzani
Pages 1097 - 1104

External validation of a biomarker and clinical prediction model for hospital mortality in acute respiratory distress syndrome

Zhiguo Zhao, Nancy Wickersham, Kirsten N. Kangelaris, Addison K. May, Gordon R. Bernard, Michael A. Matthay, Carolyn S. Calfee, Tatsuki Koyama, Lorraine B. Ware
Pages 1123 - 1131

Systematic Review

The impact of frailty on intensive care unit outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysisOpen access

John Muscedere, Braden Waters, Aditya Varambally, Sean M. Bagshaw, J. Gordon Boyd, David Maslove, Stephanie Sibley, Kenneth Rockwood
Pages 1105 - 1122

What's New in Intensive Care

What’s new with stress ulcer prophylaxis in the ICU?

Søren Marker, Mette Krag, Morten Hylander Møller
Pages 1132 - 1134

Intensive Care Medicine in 2050: the future of medical imaging

Eric Maury, Lionel Arrivé, Paul H. Mayo
Pages 1135 - 1137

Intensive care medicine in 2050: perioperative critical care

Zsolt Molnár, Jan Benes, Daniel A. Reuter
Pages 1138 - 1140

Understanding the Disease

Understanding the kidney during acute respiratory failure

Michael Darmon, Matthieu Legrand, Nicolas Terzi
Pages 1144 - 1147


Intensive care in 2050: healthcare expenditure

B. Guidet, P. H. J. van der Voort, A. Csomos
Pages 1141 - 1143

On the verge of using an immune toolbox in the intensive care unit?

Frédéric Pène, Jean-Louis Vincent, Ignacio Martin-Loeches
Pages 1154 - 1156

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine

Resuscitated unconscious male: Lichtenberg’s sign lighting the way

Andrew Lindford, Jyrki Vuola, Esko Kankuri
Pages 1148 - 1149

Erythroblastopenia in a critically ill influenza patient

Shantha R. Valainathan, Damien Roux, Carole Almire, Béatrice La Combe
Pages 1150 - 1151

Echography of pneumatosis intestinalis and hepatic portal venous gas in a patient with septic shock

Jiaqi Xu, Shangzhong Chen, Jing Yan, Jianjun Zhang
Pages 1152 - 1153

From the Inside


Impregnated central venous catheters in children: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials

Guosheng Wu, Zhengli Chen, Yu Sun, Shichu Xiao, Zhaofan Xia
Pages 1159 - 1161

Recruitment maneuvers: using transpulmonary pressure to help Goldilocks

E. Baedorf Kassis, S. H. Loring, D. Talmor
Pages 1162 - 1163

“Salvage treatment” for infections by extensively- and pan-drug-resistant pathogens is common and often sub-optimal

Garyfallia Poulakou, Dimitrios K. Matthaiou, Matteo Bassetti, Hakan Erdem, George Dimopoulos, Daniel J. Curcio, Jean Carlet, Jeffrey Lipman, Jean-François Timsit, Helen Giamarellou, Angelos Arfaras-Melainis, Jordi Rello
Pages 1164 - 1166

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