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CAST: a new score for early prediction of neurological outcomes after cardiac arrest before therapeutic hypothermia with high accuracyOpen access

Mitsuaki Nishikimi| Naoyuki Matsuda| Kota Matsui| Kunihiko Takahashi| Tadashi Ejima| Keibun Liu| Takayuki Ogura| Michiko Higashi| Hitoshi Umino| Go Makishi| Atsushi Numaguchi| Satoru Matsushima| Hideki Tokuyama| Mitsunobu Nakamura| Shigeyuki Matsui
Volume 42, Issue 12 / December , 2016

Pages 2106 - 2107

No abstract available.


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  5. Nielsen N (2012) Predictive scores, friend or foe for the cardiac arrest patient. Resuscitation 83:669–670
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