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World Alliance against antibiotic resistance (WAAR): safeguarding antibiotics

Jean Carlet
Volume 38, Issue 10 / October , 2012

Pages 1723 - 1724

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  1. Carlet J, Collignon P, Goldmann D, Goossens H, Gyssens IC, Harbarth S, Jarlier V, Levy SB, N’Doye B, Pittet D, Richtmann R, Seto WH, van Der Meer JWM, Voss A (2011) Society’s failure to protect a precious resource: antibiotics. Lancet 378:369–371
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  2. Carlet J, Mainardi JL (2012) Antibacterial agents: back to the future. Can we live with only colistine, co-trimoxazole, and fosfomycin. Clin Microbial Infect 18:1–3
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