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Intensive care medicine: finding its way in the “European labyrinth”

Francesca Rubulotta| Rui Moreno| Andrew Rhodes
Special Article
Volume 37, Issue 12 / December , 2011

Pages 1907 - 1912



The European Union (EU) has created recent directives to facilitate the free movement of medical specialists in its member states.


Analysis of two recent surveys performed in European countries.


Intensive Care Medicine training and accreditation have changed quickly over time. There is no harmonisation among European countries. Young specialists might face several difficulties in the future.


Nations providing a national examination for intensive care medicine and a national register for specialists in intensive care medicine facilitate the free movement of specialists, regardless of European regulations and directives.


Intensive care medicine is currently not a mother speciality. A long process needs to occur before complete harmonization of training and accreditation and free movement of specialists in Europe will happen.



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